Final Firefox 3.5 update: a new logo

A few weeks ago, and despite the proximity of Firefox 3.5 final release, Mozilla announced its intention to revisit the logo for a subtle update that reflects the deep changes it has experimented in the last three major releases since its last retouch around Firefox 1.5 release.

In a post by Firefox User Experience team member, Alex Faaborg, he introduced the first of a daily series of logo proposals. Today's (shown next to the current and original versions) presents a rendering by Anthony Piraino, based on a conceptual sketch by Jon Hicks (the original logo creator) from November 2007, that "introduced additional detail to the fur, and the flames starting to wrap around planet mozilla which significantly modernizes and streamlines the appearance of the icon."

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PS3istheshit23470d ago

so the firefox was the main reason of global warming
john, phone CNN!

ExcelKnight3470d ago

@1.1 Sir, I needed a laugh today. You just provided one BIG TIME!

The logo looks cool, though. So I guess it's an oxymoron logo? A cool, fiery logo?

MasterChief36243471d ago

The "Proposed Version" is really dark, and I don't like it much. It looks kind of tacky in a way.

The color and appearance of the one at the end of the article, though (under the update), is much more enticing to me. Looks sleeker and cooler than the proposed one.

I'm digging that one the most :D

Finalfantasykid3470d ago

Ya I had the same response from the proposed version, but the revised version fixes all the problems I had with the proposed version, so yay.

singhjeet293471d ago

I really like the Proposed Version, looks awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.