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From the final review:

"Last week we gave you our initial impressions of THQ's virtual-shot at the UFC, now that it's time for the game to finally hit retail shelves (on Tuesday - May 19, 2009) we figured it was time to give a final verdict. Over the past couple years the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been making moves to try and become accepted as a legitimate professional sport all around the globe. The company's head-honcho Dana White is pushing the company into all new areas and part of that is the upcoming video game from publisher THQ and experienced Japanese developer Yuke's. We have had the lucky opportunity to spend a good bit of time with the final build of UFC 2009 Undisputed and are very pleased with the sport's first true outing (we can't count the previous games as they were so horrid) into our beloved games industry. The most important aspect to get right with this game was the gameplay mechanics and overall authentic feel of the sport, without a strong physics foundation or UFC representation there is no hope for long-term franchise success."

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Valkyrie833469d ago

I have to agree with this review completely, game is a fantastic true first take on the UFC in video game form and is so fun to play....especially the online mode; grab in later this week!

JeffGUNZ3469d ago

I was pumped for the demo, but I didn't care for it. I felt like the controls were a little to slow for me. I bet once I play it more, it will grow on me, but I was hoping for a faster paced feeling to it. A lot of fights in UFC end from quick counters and fast moves, I felt like this game was a LITTLE too slow in that department....But god bless them for making the girls boobies jiggle non-stop when she holds the sign. I am pretty sure those puppies were jiggling when she was standing still.

UltimaEnder3469d ago

I hope gamers other than just UFC fans give this title a chance, it really is a great game and the feeling you get when you knock out someone online and continue to bash their face in is something you can only get with UFC 2009 Undisputed......

lh_swe3469d ago

I didn't beleive this game was going to be as good as it is, a must have in my book.

MasterChief36243469d ago

I'll be honest: I didn't have the most faith in this game a while back. But after the demo released on the Live Marketplace, and I saw just how polished the game already was, I had a good feeling from the get-go.

Looks to be just about the best modern fighting game this console generation (not named Fight Night or Street Fighter IV)

UltimaEnder3469d ago

I was the same as you, and as the review says I would have to agree that it is the best next-gen fighting game based on a real-life sport.....

Go get it on Tuesday!

jessehaysfl3469d ago

this game is going to make ALOT of money....

krisq3469d ago

It tops most of pre order lists in Europe. No wonder, game is really good!

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