Mistwalker's Working on Something

SCRAWL: "A new image went up in Mistwalker's Gallery on their official site. The image shows a Mistwalker developer working on a new game which looks to be their next RPG. All we know right now is that they are fifty percent complete with the game, as stated in previous blog updates on the site."

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Immortal Kaim3469d ago

Can anyone work out what it is? http://www.mistwalkercorp.c...

Click on the first image for full screen pic.

I'm hoping Lost Odyssey 2.

kingdavid3469d ago

Could be any old cutscene.Id have to say going by that picture that it isnt a blue dragon game (in hope lol).

Rock Bottom3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

That isn't a cutscene he's working on, it's a concept art image, You can see the tools set on the left side of the screen and the colors/layers on the right side. Also, nobody program a game using a digital pen and a tablet. :p

Also the picture's name is Fujisaka, who's an illustrations artist for Mistwalker and not a programmer.


green3469d ago

It's obviously not Blue Dragon so it could either be LO2 or a completely new IP.

GUNS N SWORDS3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

that pic is "Fujisaka" using a digital pentablet.


this is Fujisaka's page and artwork.

edit, glad to see him being used in the field, been waiting for that guy to pop up :)

Haruhi Suzumiya3469d ago

I'm hope it's not lost odyssey 2, the first one was just too cliche.

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Myst3469d ago

"working on a new game which looks to be their next RPG."

My gosh so many RPGs hitting pretty much every console at once, never really heard of this studio before; so I ended up going to wikipedia. I see they made Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey (A game which I'd really love to play). So news of what they could be working is slowly starting to interest me.

GameGambits3469d ago

Your comment is strange, because you make it sound like you are a RPG enthusiast and yet you don't know what Sakaguchi is doing game wise after leaving SquareEnix lol.

The granddaddy of RPGs is a hard man to forget about. :)

I will bust a sick nut if it is indeed Lost Odyssey 2. :O

Tony P3469d ago

Never heard of Mistwalker? :o

For shame.

I'm thinking Blue Dragon 2. There have been rumblings.

Myst3469d ago

@Zl: I am but school always has priority over these sort of things :P. Plus it doesn't help that I really am horrible with names xD. If it is LO: 2 and it does end up exclusively on 360 I may have to break down and buy one

@Tony P: Same thing as above, school > Games, Names Horrible with :p. Either way, it sounds like both games whether they get a sequel would be nice.

by the way there are a lot of names of developers that I don't know of :p

I did not murder him3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

I'v seen him in other 360 rooms trying to crash the party he might of came in here to look for weaknesses in the news as I seen before. You caught him in the act, he knows whats up in the world of JRPGs. Most PS3 only fans pay close attention to JRPGs and other Japanese style games.

I hope its LO2 I don't care is they show another CGI trailer..

Myst3469d ago

@I did not murder:

Act of what? I barely even know the both of you! I was just stating what I got from the article and replied to the them (Which apparently is enough to get a disagree /sigh) They really should make this site where if someone disagrees they are forced to make a reply...

Tony P3469d ago


I am not party to whatever this has turned into, which is apparently some kind of impromptu PS3 fanboy witchhunt. :s

Reshun3469d ago

Nuri here just made a friendly approach on something he was interested in when he was never aware of it previously. It's how this site should operate and yet why the hostility? Easy with the paranoia.

The Great Melon3469d ago

You won't regret buying the xbox, Lost Odyssey is very enjoyable. This game was one of the reasons why I finally purchased an xbox around February. I have only gotten a little ways into the game, but the dream sequences will suck you in.

Tony P3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

I personally was just ribbing Nuri about not knowing about Mistwalker. Sorry if it seemed otherwise.

Myst3469d ago

Nah I figured both Tony and the other person were doing that, I got confused when "I did not murder him" came into the picture. Though yeah, I forgot my sister had an Xbox360. Were just going to trade consoles and going to run through the game on her 360 while she borrows something of mine.

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3469d ago

Less Blue Dragon and more Lost Odyssey in the style department. Though I would love to see an even bigger push towards more older characters.

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