US: Has the Wii Onslaught Against HD Market Share Stalled?

US - Has the Wii reached its zenith of potential against the combined forces of Microsoft's 360 and Sony's PS3? Or is this just another lull in the cycle similar to the summer of 2007?

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Foxgod3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Yes it has, but when it starts raining mario, zelda an metroid it will pick up again.

At least, thats my expectation.
Its because Nintendo still got some terrain to win in the hardcore market.

If i was EA, or another big publisher, i would invest big time in giving the platform genre new life, Mario needs some competition on the wii.
Personally i would love to see a new Wonderboy : Monsterworld from Sega.
And a new Adventure island from Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor3445d ago

" Adventure island from Nintendo"

*scratches head* What? =P
Isn't one made for Wii-ware (Btw its not nintendo, it was hudson.... i think...)

Nintendo has many more ip's lying around and i think with this big audience its best they also start producing new games from those ip's.
Its a shame though that third party developers cry Nintendo isn't giving them "game" when it comes to competition. "You can't win on a nintendo console" they say...but you know we havn't really seen much either from those guys.

Anyways i agree with you =)

360isgreat3445d ago

Seriously its like some of these guys are utterly clueless. Sure there is far more casual gamers hence the console sales, but as with anything with casual users they get bored and move on.

Not to mention that motion sensing thing was a disaster, has any game really even used it? Thought it was going to REDEFINE fps?

Guess not. Now Nintendo gets to enjoy starting ALL over. No more hardcore gamers you utterly pist them off. Casual gamers, well better get something out to them quick cause they are selling your sysem on craigslist by the dozens, and have fun making your way into HD in the next generation meanwhile Sony and Microsoft get to fine tune their systems.

Bring out another mario or zelda.. That should be great for those casual gamers.. OH wait no its not.


Then again Nintendo made a boat load of money so what do they care. Interested to see what happends next gen. This generation was by far the worst. Fanboys, console wars, poorly built systems (ps3 is exception), over hyped games, etc... Just sucked all around.

At least we learned a few things. Nintendo is no longer a console for hardcore gamers. Microsoft needs to humble itself. Sony needs to appreciate developers more.

WTF was i even commenting on? Oh Nintendo losing ground. I stayed some what on topic. Man im so bored... Not even fun to argue with people anymore.. What time is it by you its 559am by me...

wiizy3445d ago

read the gamasutra report..wii has no competition...all nintendo has to do is drop the price 50 dollars and have a good showing at e3 and its a done and microsoft had what 14 price drops between the two of them and so call great games and they still need combine sales to equal or pass the wii...does that answer your question..?

Gr813445d ago

Of the worst financial situation since who knows when, and the WIi still outsells competitors combined most weeks and months out of the year..what do you think.

360 man3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

its just a fad

like tamagotchi, people would get bored soon