G3 Preview: inFAMOUS: Best PS3 game? Quite possibly

G3 gives its early impressions of the PlayStation 3 title inFamous.

Excerpt: "The game controls like a average third person shooter and after a brief tutorial you are on your way to taking control or saving Empire city. But the first thing you need to do is re establish power back into Empire city. After you bring alive certain parts of the city you are allowed the ability to "skate" on that section of the city's power lines. This is a quick and fun way to travel the vast and alive city. When i say the city is alive i mean it. This is probably the most realistic city in a game yet. If you choose the path of evil and when people see you they run in fear or they scream. But if you choose the side of good you will see more side quests and people will run up to you and ask you to help a friend or do various tasks. This makes you immersed in the game world."

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40cal3438d ago

I have been playing the demo for about 4 days now and while I think that inFAMOUS will be an outstanding title (day one for me) I don't think I will be better than Metal Gear Solid 4 (my #1 of all time).

9 days until launch, we will find out then.

badz1493437d ago

that's a bold claim considering there are other great titles on the PS3, MGS4 comes to mind! but PS3 owners win! all these great exclusives and the slew of multiplats making it an honor to own the PS3! can't wait for inFAMOUS!

SL1M DADDY3437d ago

Sorry, but only a douche bag would say that. There are too many genres to say something like that. It might be, however, the best "sandbox" title on the PS3. Now that is something I can believe.

LightofDarkness3437d ago

I still feel Uncharted is the best PS3 game I've played yet, and it looks as though the only way is up with the sequel. MGS4 is a great game too, but I wasn't a fan of MGS2 and never played three so I don't have the same attachment to the game that seasoned metal gear fans do.

Bob Dole3437d ago

How do you get the demo??

II Necroplasm II3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

It will be on the PSN later this week.

snaz273437d ago

to be honest and i have to be honest, i was a little dissapointed, i dont know if its because ive been spoiled by the awesome killzone 2 or what but it judt didnt seem as polished as most of the other ps3 exclusives, the pop in was bad, the controls seemed abit weird (although i did get used to it) it kinda is a bit annoying the way he grabs anything near him while your jumping, to me it all just seemed a little flat, blowing stuff up was fun but how long can you do that for? i was really looking forward to this game and it was a day one purchase but after playing the demo i think ill wait till its cheap... i know im gonna get a lot of hate for this comment but all i will say is wait till you get to play the demo then see, its just my opinion not fact.

cmrbe3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Man, you have to play at least MGS1. MGS3 is a must if you want to fully apperciate the MGS saga, also MGS3 will treat you to the best game ending ever.

MGS2 is the least faveourite of mine as well as most MGS fans.

sirbigam3437d ago

MGS2 was the most fun for because of RAIDEN, I loved using him especially when you were able to use his swords.

LightofDarkness3437d ago

Oh I've played 1,2 and 4. I really enjoyed 1, the story in the second became needlessly convoluted and ridiculous (got that sinking feeling I felt whilst watching the Matrix sequels). 4 was great for the gameplay alone, the story was quite good but it sadly had to wrap up a lot of the loose ends left over from the second. And those Drebin conversations after each boss fight were cringe worthy. I just wanted him to shut up so I could get back to the sneaking.

Back on topic, inFamous looks like a good summer time romp and I will be putting my money down on day one. But best PS3 game so far? I'll reserve my judgement until I've completed the game. I doubt it's as good as Uncharted or MGS4, but I could be wrong.

themyk3437d ago

the end = best boss fight of all time.

II Necroplasm II3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

MGS3 is the best. best boss battles and best story in any Metal Gear game.

edgeofblade3437d ago

Better than Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, and MGS4? I find that unlikely, especially considering those are several different genres. They are, in fact, incomparable.

And why does it always seem I find a crowd of PS3 fanboys around any discussion about the "best". This obsession with the best, even by a minuscule margin, is a hazardous practice for the industry to allow. You had to obsess about the best console. Now, I would hate to see the PS3 world get torn apart from the inside... but that's what crap reporting like this causes.

I've seen Infamous. It's years behind games like Crackdown. Of course, Crackdown had no story whatsoever, but it was positively loaded with oodles of gameplay. Either way, I'm more looking forward to Prototype for my open world power-trip fix.

Sarcasm3437d ago

I'd have to rank the MGS series by

1. MGS1
2. MGS3
3. MGS4
4. MGS2

MGS2 was the most disappointing because we got very limited time as snake.

MGS1 was the best MGS to me, quite simply because it was the biggest genre defining game at the time. It showed that cinematic and mature gaming was the new forefront, and it layed the basis of all the mature games we have today.

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BubbleSystemSuck3438d ago

MGS4 is so boring... inFAMOUS is ALL FUN... i think YES... Best PS3 game

infamousinfolite3437d ago

not many people are going to like mgs4 because the game mgs4 has a pacific audience. To me though that's my all time favorite game of the year. Can't put that game down for a minute. But infamous is also likely to to be my goty as well as uncharted 2 (well it's already game of the year for me anyway)

zoneofenders3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

my “best game ever” is MGS4! :)
before MGS4 it was fallout 2...

Mindboggle3437d ago

Ocarina of time is the best game ever....end of story...

Quickstrike3437d ago

aka the MGS fan base. They (myself included) will rip you a new one.

But I do give you props for stating your opinion.

DarK-SilV3437d ago

FF7 is the best game ever followed by MGS4
it is all about the story and gameplay

cmrbe3437d ago

of a 5 year old.

Yes MGS4 is not like the CODs or Gears or KZ where you are constantly finding cover and shoot and repeat constantly using your reflexes to survive.

I really do think that only adults love and apperciate MGS games.

themyk3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

mgs3 = best game of all time
the end = best boss fight of all time.

sorry guys it just had to be said twice.

xwabbit3437d ago

I'm 19.... I'm a young adult then Lol. But yah the MGS series is just 2 amazing. Ill prolly cry when I see Snake die loL and its a freaking game WTF

edgeofblade3437d ago

This is great! PS3 fans at each others' throats. It's like a giant gladiatorial arena, and the bullies are forced to fight each other. Except they are juvenile nitwits...

Can't you all just agree that the PS3 has games that we can all find our best in? Why do you have to validate your opinions on someone else? I loved MGS4 and Killzone 2. But I'm not going to spin some c0ck-and-bull theory about how only ADHD-children play twitch FPS or only mature, smoking jacket-wearing adults play tactical stealth.

There is no "best", same as there is no "good" and "evil". How could you all be so narrow minded?

Sarcasm3437d ago

"I really do think that only adults love and apperciate MGS games."

Not just that, because not all adults are bright either. Just look up the MGS4 hate articles about how his grandfather "just wanted to shoot."

MGS as a whole, is for people who enjoy quality, humor, maturity, and of course the story. It's not for those mindless "I just wanna kill" zombies.

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Aggesan3437d ago

I've been playing the demo for some time now, and while it certenly is great, I wouldn't go so far to say it's the best game for PS3 until I have played the whole game.
It all comes down to how much variation it offers throughout the game, and that can obviously not be shown through a demo.

thereapersson3437d ago

In the end, you will definitely be inFAMOUS!!!


II Necroplasm II3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Good thing about that is that the story will not really change I heard.
Just the open world will react to your evil ways or good ways.

and have red lightning powers if evil, which I will have most of the game :D

FamilyGuy3437d ago

I guy, civilian, walked write up to me, patted me on the back and gave me a thumbs up. Another guy tried to take a picture of me. Good karma, friggin crazy game.

This little information just reminded me of that cuz when it happened i was like wtf? The effort put into this game (attention to life like detail/human interaction) is amazing.

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