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KingDizzi3500d ago

Metal Gear Solid 5 anyone?

- Ghost of Sparta -3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

A big 5 comes up whenever the countdown hits 5. The thunderstorm clearly indicates that it'll be a prequel to MGS4, explaining the events of how Raiden ended up as a cyborg and how he met Big Mama. However, when it comes to Hideo, nothing is what it seems so we'll just have to wait and see.

KingDizzi3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Yep I honestly thought Kojima was going to give the MGS franchise a break.......that or he is just playing with us. :D

Either way I love MGS so bring it on!

PirateThom3500d ago

Whatever it is, my excitement levels shot through the roof.

KingDizzi3500d ago

Ah think about it, could be an S.

MGS4: Sub whatever is a big possibility.

PirateThom3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I had thought about that. It's the same font used in the "MGS4" pre-release stuff. "5" and "S" are pretty interchangable in that respect.

That said, if it was "MGS5", I have no doubt it wouldn't be close to being ready, it would just be Kojima's habit of showing a really early trailer and then getting to work.

sonarus3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Well operating in the same universe he could still make a solid game. I still don't believe its MGS5 though

It may stay in the universe but it won't have anything to do with metal gears or solid snaker

jack_burt0n3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

ummm if it was an S why would it only display when the timer hits 5 lol its def a 5.

ok my mistake its not dictated by the timer just the thunder so it could be an S.

UltimateIdiot9113500d ago

Well, Kojima did say that if the team making MGS5 uses any of his idea, he will have to work on it. So, I guess they went ahead and used his idea. Kojima is screaming out but they just keep pulling him back in. (assuming mgs5 is true).

Elimin83500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Sitting bk and watching fans/non-fans alike wonder what is to come speculating and sh!t.... MGS 360, MGS 4 DLC, ZOE3, MGS5 Raiden etc etc... You devil you kojima. Just make it good..

Mu5afir3500d ago

to make one game. Developers don't have that luxury. Successful franchises are a rare commodity. I wouldn't be shocked if it is MGS5 after all.. the last metal gear was shown a good 2 years before its release.

spandexxking3500d ago

lol i tried the konami code but no luck:(

40cal3500d ago

Maybe that's a S, you know like Metal Gear Solid 3 "S"ubsistence or Metal Gear Solid 2 "S"ubstance. This would make alot of sense considering the rumors about trophies and a playable Raiden.

PSTAVY3500d ago

It would be cool if it was snatcher but ill stick to my theory of it being raiden in the next mgs.

There is a storm in the pic's background Raiden means storm in japanese
The thing that could be a 5 or an S could either mean 5th game or Sub- game that would add something like the Raiden Missions

Tyler Durden3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

i cant remember for how long ive wanted a remake of that game and every time kojima does something like this and it turns out not to be snatcher i lose even more hope that a remake will ever come

PSTAVY3500d ago

if it actually turned out to be snatcher i would probably get some unknown brain condition because of the shock and awe.

Adolf Hitler3500d ago

I'm liking this arrangement;Multi-plats on my 360(some also on PS3 though)and exclusives on my PS3.I'm happy.

7thNightvolley3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

i personally think its mgs5.. coz raiden has so much story that we dont know about and like Ghostofstarta said .. the lighting.. just points so much at that.. well we have to wait as see but i am sure kojima would make what ever game it is a blast ,,,

but yet again he could purposely put those things there to throw everyone off.. its not like he has not pulled a stunt like that b4 like the april fool he did b4.

Microsoft Xbox 3603500d ago

S for Solid and 5 for MGS5

I'm thinking no controllable Raiden in his next MG game.

No Way3500d ago

I highly doubt it's MGS5.. A bit to early to announce, don't you think? o.O

Besides, I'd rather see something new. A new IP would be rather nice.

Snoogins3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

The only thing that comes to mind is "Tornado Outbreak". The sky in both teasers looks like typical tornado weather where I live (rural Tennessee). The black particle debris floating on the top right and right edge of the photo. Also, the 5 as in F5 class tornado. I wish it were a Raiden themed Metal Gear but I refuse to get my hopes high.

phosphor1123500d ago

It doesn't flash the lightening every time the counter hits a "5" it flashes it every 10 seconds. I refreshed the page, and it would flash on the number 3 lol.

meepmoopmeep3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

If you take the S or 5
multiply it by -100
flip the sum backwards
rotate the negative sign in an angle
and translate it in arabic

it says "XBOX 360 EXCLUSIVE"


Here's my theory:

it shows the number everytime there's Lightning
get it? Raiden in MGS4 had what special power?

Old Snake "You've got it all wrong, you were the lightning in that rain"

Aquanox3500d ago

You might find this interesting:

The countdown points to June 1st, the day when Microsoft's E3 Conference takes place.

Ohh the hype.

Lucreto3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )


Funny as the link above said states it is June 2nd.

We don't know what will happen. In your link there are multiply timers over the next 3 weeks and the last is a 24 hour wait. I did a similar thing and got June 2nd. We will just have to wait and see.

Also it could be Kojima messing with our heads again just like the itouch thing.

Viper73500d ago

Somehow I doubt its for MGS5, as it would be too easy to figure that out. Kojima has always been pretty sneaky with game announcements. So the "5" can have some very different meaning in the end.

It could be "S" as in Storm, It could very related to the games name/content like "5 days" or "5 heroes". To analyze this the best would be to focus on the timer (when will it end?) what other relations could there be for 5 or S in Kojimas part.
Any other series that would include "storm" or lightning in some form.
Hell it might be a symbol or logo too.

Just saying that for Kojima, the Genious behind the twisted plot of MGS games.. I really doubt he would give us such obvious hints for Mgs5.

Face Palm3500d ago

It's a storm cus all the Sony fanboys are gonna be raining tears after MGS4 on 360 is announced.

I'm glad all the 360 fanboys aren't here with their nonsense. They got owned when their whole "MGS4 on 360 100% confirmed!" theory turned out to be a cell phone rail shooter.

Jamegohanssj53500d ago

ROFLMAO! Facepalm you deserve a bubble. I will be crying if MGS4 went to Xbox 360 because of the fact that they finally have a good game coming out this year.


Face Palm3500d ago

I just lost a bubble the other day for calling HipHopLamer a bad source WTF?! Apparently people now consider them legit. HHG said that they can confirm that ingame video chat is coming to PS3 soon LOL! Cus you know HHG gets inside info =/

theEnemy3500d ago

No doubt about it.

How can Kojima steps down if there are still atleast 4 million fans out there who's waiting for the next Metal Gear ?


No Way3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Hmm.. So why did I get disagrees?
Cause I wanna see a NEW game from Kojima? o.O
Or, maybe, cause I don't think it will be MGS5?

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aaron58293500d ago

Another MGS or what... i'm very excited for all Kojima games...

Heck, even if Kojima announced that's he working on Barbie and Friends, I would still buy it...

Because it will be one hell of a Barbie game..


TruthBTold3500d ago

There hasnt been much to download for MGS4 so an expansion with new chapters would seem a good possiblity considering the time that it could have been in development after the release of MGS4. It wouldnt take that much time, wouldnt cost much develop compared to a new game, a lot of MGS4 copies out there that would make worth an expansion for it. Good for developers and good for the MGS fanbase. More MGS4 copies to sell and more for those old owners to add to their game. We could see a release this year. Kind of like GTA4 did with The Lost and Damned.

infamousinfolite3500d ago

I think there is one already coming. Where you get to play as raiden and vamp.

pwnsause3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 5 confirmed? Im down. Ninja Raiden FTW!

lol at phantom disagree

Arnon3500d ago

Why do people write things such as "Lol at phantom disagrees"

I mean... does the agree/disagree system even matter?

No Way3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Not really.. No, not at all, actually.

But, the more disagrees you have, you'll most likely lose your bubbles.

Arnon3500d ago

I think the agree/disagree system would be a lot better if it made you respond to either the agree/disagree you were clicking.

That would be awesome actually. And would reduce the number of senseless comments on this site.

In fact. Where can I get in contact with a mod. That's actually an excellent idea to reduce the noise on this site.

KingDizzi3500d ago

No thinking about it how will Kojima have gotten a full game ready within a year when he was also working on MGS Touch? No my guess is that it is MGS4: Sub whatever which will include some more content and trophies updates.

Marcelles253500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

hideo kojima didn't even "touch" the MGStouch game lol
he had Kojima Productions work on it


but on the counter i think its metal gear raiden
all speculation.... here we go

the timer lands thursday the time when the playstation store updates maybe the "NEXT" DLC for MGS4 bringing raiden campaign the 5 also doesnt land on a 5
so maybe its an S

but then again how can they get that out in time?

edit on timer 5 flashes every 13 seconds

KingDizzi3500d ago

Eh knowing Kojima this teaser might lead to another teaser. :P

Could very well lead up to E3.

cayal3500d ago

Yeah...kinda sick of teasers to be honest.