DJ Shadow Involved With DJ Hero

CriousGamer Writes.....We have just been informed that 'Dj SHADOW' a Dj we've never heard of is involved in the Activison's upcoming title DJ HERO.

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Steve0073471d ago

Have you ever heard about DJ SHADOW coz i haven't

hatchimatchi3471d ago

go out and buy endtroducing...

one of the best albums ever

i used to be a huge fan of dj shadow till he released his 3rd album, it is terrible, i thought it was a practical joke the first time i heard it.

-Mezzo-3471d ago

Well i am getting the very first DJ HERO and not a single one after that until the XBOX720/PS4 gen begins.

Cajun Chicken3471d ago

Wake me up when the Daft Punk edition is announced.

Mr Blings3471d ago

Shadow is a very solid DJ. all of his albums are solid for the most part. especially his early stuff. and the U.N.K.L.E. album he took part in. Endtroducing

edhe3471d ago

Endtroducing was good, PSYENCE FIKTION kinda pissed him off though, and he went of the rails and everyone finally understood that it was james lavelle that was the better DJ.

Still, i loved 'em both for a while.

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The story is too old to be commented.