Nintendo character takes last roster spot in Punch-Out!!

Wondering which character has taken the final roster spot in Punch-Out? Somewhat surprisingly, it's actually a Nintendo character.

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BlackIceJoe3500d ago

Donkey Kong that's cool I wonder if it could be a hint that there will be a new Donkey Kong Country game. I would love to see a new DKC game. So if this is a hint that there will be a new one that would be awesome.

infamous_273500d ago

Please be fake, please be fake.. :(

Voozi3500d ago

Not fake sadly...was pretty dissapointed when I saw the screenshot to confirm it over at another site.

spunnups3500d ago

Nintendo continues to whore out their characters. Somebody should tell them not every first party game has to have mario/DK/luigi/wario....etc,et c..very annoying and unoriginal

Polluted3500d ago

I would have preferred to box Wario.

phantomexe3500d ago

DK show up in alot of games does he? Mariokart and smashbrothers is the only two that come to mind.Anything else you want to cry about while your on?

Polluted3500d ago

He's also in his own series of games plus Mario Strikers, Mario Golf, Mario Baseball, etc, etc.

Seferoth753500d ago

Sony fans just need a reason to hate. Give them a totally new character and they'll be like "who is this guy.. Give us so and so." It really means nothing. They werent going to support the game either way. Just need some excuse to try to make it look like their lack of support is valid.

ChickeyCantor3500d ago

Aside from the "sony" part,I kinda agree with Sef.
People just complain for the sake of complaining.
And when there is something new they just backfire saying there arn't any familiar faces.

Question to you sef,
Why do you always involve Sony fans into this?
I mean there are plenty of 360 fans who hate the Wii too.
You always talk about Sony...I hope you are a genious troll, if not i suggest you tone it down cause you take it pretty far you know....for every detail you blame sony fans.

butterfinger3500d ago

The real question here is why is Seferoth allowed in the "Gamer Zone". Every single comment she makes is SPAM and paranoia about Sony fans, while many users who rarely slip up are banned to the "Open Zone". As for DK being the character in Punch-Out!!, I am actually really excited about that. Nintendo has characters that everyone loves, so why not pick the big gorilla to make a cameo in the boxing game? I have been calling everywhere trying to locate a copy of Punch Out!! today, but no luck so far. I might have to wait until tomorrow when Gamestop gets my pre-order. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.