Why is a Halo game a Sleeper?

Halo 3: ODST is coming out this Fall on a disc exclusively for the Xbox 360. It is being developed by Bungie, the developer that helped make Halo the most famous name in the gaming industry today. With all this being true, why is it that Halo 3: ODST isn't getting the typical hype and respect that traditional Halo games have gotten?

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jack who3472d ago

cause unlike our fanboys from *sony* we dont hype games till we see gameplay. and yes even if its halo.

rhood0223471d ago

All the hype surrounding Alan Wake as the "best game ever", especially from this site, disagrees with you.

Capt CHAOS3471d ago

and patiently waiting for a release date.

jack who3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

am sorry for you have been living under a rock. but there have seen video game play of Alan Wake and tech demos.....unlike halo odst has non.

FlameBaitGod3471d ago

Rlly ? i though it was the gaming media who hyped games, I guess all those articles where sony fan boys.

ZombieNinjaPanda3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Last I checked, I haven't seen any gameplay from Alan Wake.

Too bad too.

Oh, and don't say you guys don't hype games. That's being hypocrital much.

Create3471d ago

Are you joking me!?

Halo 3 was the most hyped game of all time, which is why its still popular, its not that good of a game. Its good, yeah, but people seem to worship it. Call of duty 4 is so much better, and I dont even like COD4 all that much.

The reason why its not hyped is because there has been zero information released and zero in game screenshots. Its hard to get hyped on something when you dont know what something even is.

Chubear3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I remember one of the first things shown for Halo3 was a picture of a battle riffle on gametrailers and so other sites and the forums went NUTS! There were over a thousand posts on impression of this pic within an hr. The first CGI trailer we so of Halo3 people lost their gaddamned minds on every forum I saw.

I think why ODST feels a bit subdued are of two things:

1) There is an attachment to Master Chief and since everyone knows he's not in this game they're a bit laid back.

2) After Halo3 came out I think people (even though they will never admit it) have seen the current gen jump of halo wasn't really special outside of finishing the fight (the story). Graphical look was subdued, the story presentation wasn't a leap ahead of past games and quite honestly there wasn't anything current gen about it other than a normal jump to current gen graphics. (If you think Forge is current gen then I feel sorry for you)

At the end of the day it really doesn't matter. If a plain Jane mediocre game like Halowars can be seen as "teh bes RTS on consoles!!11!" from it's fanbase and sell over 1.5mill in 5months then OSDT will blow past 5mill on a sneeze.

I have given up on understanding this insane phenomena with this rather normal average shooter and have just accepted that anything with the halo name on it will sell insanely no matter what.

If you took a game like Two Worlds or Vampire Rain and gave it's universe a halo make over and then slapped Halo:<anything> on it, they would be million unit sellers instantly. Insane but for those that make money of this franchise they hit pure frikgen gold with this title.

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gdguide3471d ago

No Jack. Because Bungie themselves basically said it was a 6 hour addon using the same engine. It might as well be DLC. That's why. Bungie themselves have said it's not a full release like Halo 3.

jack who3471d ago

um and your point?.....anyone who think this game wont sell mili on it 1st night is in dream land.

RememberThe3573471d ago

that wasn't really the point of his statement at all...

Cajun Chicken3471d ago

My only concern with this title is the fact of not playing as Master Chief, not just narrative wise, but more the case of I don't want Bungie giving a normal marine recharging health just like MC has, because that would make him, in comparison, not as superhuman and that would continue into the obvious later sequels.
So I hope Bungie finds some innovative way to get around that issue.
In fact, the the apparently open world nature of this game, I think it could be a surprise hit of a Halo game, especially if it boils down to what I have in my head and I hope it's more reminiscent of Halo 1 and still manages to have co-op.

Halo is still the best exclusive franchise that MS have up their sleeve, just worried about the future of it out of Bungie's hands and I think that it may be time for Bungie to move onto another franchise after this.

Create3471d ago

Most likely because they have released any sort of information or in-game screenshots yet, which they should...

They need to get the hype train rolling if they ever want to beat out the huge competitors scheduled for release in the fall.

spunnups3471d ago

Because it's not a complete game that's why. It's a glorified expansion.

MattG3471d ago

Since when has a game with a 6+ hour single player and multiplayer game been a glorified expanision?

RememberThe3573471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

That means nearly all of us hear will be able to run through it in about 2 and a half hrs. Just like Killzone 2's 8-10 hr campaign ended up being 7 for me.

Oh and 3 hrs of gamely and some extra features is not worth 40 bucks... I'll be renting this one.

MattG3471d ago

I beat Killzone 2 in 5 hours the first time I played it. I mean nowadays games aren't as long as we would like. Will the game be slightly shorter than most FPS's yeah, but the consumer is still getting a $20 discount and one of the better online franchises in the industry.

If the game is less then 4 hours, I would say it's a rent but recent previews from places like IGN said it could be 5-7 hours

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