Lego Half-Life

Destructoid writes:

"Some of you reading that title got really excited about the idea of Lego Half-Life while the rest of you probably rolled your eyes. Of course its also possible that most of you looked at the image below it and realized that we were not talking about a Lego Half-Life game, but an actual Gordon Freeman Lego guy thing. Toycutter found the homemade Lego Freeman at ORRANGE's Flickr and brought the glory to our attention.

Everyone's favorite crowbar wielding scientist isn't the only character Mr. ORRANGE has done either. He has an entire Half-Life 2 set to look at and desperatley wish was real. The best part about those sets is that the head crabs can actually be attached to the Lego guys' heads. Now that you've got your fix of real life Lego Half-Life, do you think a Lego Half-Life game would work wonders or destroy the franchise? My opinion? Most things don't become bad when you turn them into Legos."

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