Expected Xbox 360 DLC For May 18th-23rd 2009

lvl2 writes:

"Welcome to the weekly round-up of DLC content expected to hit Xbox LIVE in the week ahead. We have tried our best of compile all the planned updates into one, so if we forgot any, please forgive us. This week is pretty dead, only a few pieces of content, most likely because of E3 coming up."

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mcroddi3229d ago

should be a decent update i think

snipermk03228d ago

It used to be "expected games for may-june". And now its expected "DLC".

Tony P3228d ago

Seems pretty dry. Hopefully it's the quiet before the storm. I'm sure after E3 we'll all be relieved when MS announces a few games.

At least I assume so if they want to, y'know, continue making money.

Sunny_D3229d ago

thats the only thing they have to look forward to.

II Necroplasm II3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

What are you looking forward to? Next year-4 years lol

GT5 2015.

snipermk03228d ago

we're looking forward to inFamous, uncharted 2, MAG, Heavy rain and possibly God of war 3, all in 2009. What are you looking forward to? Oh, don't tell me... Halo spin offs like Halo ODST, Halo Erotica, Halo snack bites, Halo undies and Halo Master chief: Grandfather Edition.

II Necroplasm II3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

No I think you're looking forward to buying a 360 since you are in here on a 360 article.

I own a PS3 and a 360 dumbass.

snipermk03228d ago

this news article was too lame to not comment on its lameness. And btw, keep dreaming that u have a PS3 sh!tface. If u did, you'd be looking forward to what sony has to offer this gen.

Arnon3228d ago

MAG - no.
Uncharted 2 - Maybe... it needs to have more action than what the video showed us.
God of War 3 - I highly doubt it's gonna make a 2009 release.
Heavy Rain - Quick Time Events suck. :/
inFAMOUS - Not sure on this one.

I honestly think that the multiplatform games coming out look a lot more entertaining than exclusives for both sides.

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