Rock Band Unplugged full track and DLC list follow leak

Rock Band Unplugged is all set and rarin' to go (is in fact leaked already) as the full track list and DLC are revealed. There are a wide range of music to choose from, spanning five rockin' and rollin' decades, with the first batch of ten DCL tracks coming your way via the in-game music store once the game hits you on June 9, 2009.

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Gun_Senshi3261d ago

Rock Band Unplugged is already out on torrents.

Mindboggle3260d ago

Well im gunna have to download it, and then buy it if its any good...

greenmeanie3261d ago

Decent song choice, but it is not rock band without a guitar controller! I dont care what anyone says! If anything it is just a remake of amplitude with the rock band logo stamped on it. I might pirate it to try it, but I wont buy it. Besides what is the point of buying it if it is already widely available as torrents? Rock band would have worked better on the DS because the touch pad could be used for the drums, it has a mic, and we all know that the guitar hero on tour has a form of a guitar hero controller, so they could just do the same thing! So then we could have wireless 4 player band action on the go! Who could argue with that! Heck I would buy that!

pwnsause3260d ago

news flash!!!: The DSi doesnt have a GBA port anymore! so its not possible.

ChampIDC3260d ago

Besides, any real fan of the music genre knows about Frequency and Amplitude, two amazing games before the time of the guitar controller. That's the direction this game is going, and I love it.

Gun_Senshi3260d ago

I tried it and i am impressed with the controls, I actualy prefer it over plastic guitar hero guitars.

Johnny Rotten3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

Rock band going portable is awesome. Harmonix have already proven that their franchise is fun, solid, and that they'll provide the fans with unlimited replay in ways of DLC. Personally I think the $2.00 value for each song will go a lot further on the PSP than it does on the other systems.

The PSP has good sound quality output and with a good set of headphones it's even better. Key word here is portable and Rockband should be a good welcome to someones collection!

Redempteur3260d ago

rock band psp is a nice game .. you need some quick thinking as you change tracks but otherwise it's fun .. and that's what matters .. BUT the song list while good is a little thin ...

BUt i agree than given the choice , one Must play rock band with a guitar or the others tools

pwnsause3260d ago

this could be the best music game to hit the PSP since that game Beats

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