Sonic Team Isn't Going Stale, Claims Sonic Veteran

Kikizo writes:

"In the not-too-distant past, some pretty convincing claims were made by an alleged former member of Sonic Team staff that the once-adored Sega studio is losing its will to live."

"Sonic Team veteran Tetsu Katano says it's not true that staff inside the studio are becoming disillusioned, and that fresh talent keeps things bright."

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pwnsause3076d ago

you must be very high then. LSD is bad for you kids, you see things that don't really exist in this Realm.

Smacktard3076d ago

"Sonic veteran"? Isn't that just fancy-talk for "deluded fanboy"?

-chaz-3076d ago

"Sonic Team stays invigorated because fresh talent is coming in all the time"

Someone ought to tell them that their talent has a decidedly "not-so-fresh" feeling about them...