The PS3 Australia - One Week On

IGN writes:

After the decidedly low-key launch of the PS3 in Australia last week, naysayers and doom-cryers banded together to sing tales of woe and sling some mud on the PlayStation 3's image in Australia. However, in the face of this, Sony proudly declared that, by close of business on Monday March 26, they had achieved a substantial earning through hardware, software and accessories sales. Specifically, the actual dollar value of combined hardware, software and accessories sales over the three day period totalled in excess of AU$25 million. That's no small amount.

However, there was one thing missing from the post-PS3 launch wind-down - solid hardware sales figures. Speaking with Adrian Christie, PR Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, he was able to provide us with updated figures, including a rough estimation of day-one sales.

"I'd say 5000, that night, went home with a console. That's an assumption, but over the weekend, there was 20,000 sold through."

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neogeo4274d ago

If you ask me, Id say they sold somewere between five hundred, and 37 million on the first day, thats my guess. whats yours?