TeamXbox: Red Faction: Guerrilla Multiplayer Hands-on

TeamXbox writes: "It's a good thing that Red Faction: Guerrilla will release within a month, because I don't think I can take playing bits and pieces of this game one at a time anymore. Not that I'm sick of it, quite the contrary. Every time I play the new Red Faction, I have a total blast, and a recent opportunity to play a bunch of other game journalists in full-scale 16-player combat was no different.

By now, you know plenty about the story, plenty about the sandbox style of gameplay, enough about the vehicles and the weapons and the destruction and all that. But what about the multiplayer, the traditional toe-to-toe matchups with real, thinking humans? Is the game as much fun in that mode as it is in others? Is the design of the multiplayer unique enough to stand out from other games? Yes and yes."

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