New apartment up on Home

The new Playstation Home Chamber apartment is live on the Home mall ready to download for FREE but not for long. Check out the screen shots on the site.

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B-Real2063500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I got it the tree house and it is cool and all. I'm glad it's free. The new furniture is not and at 99cents a piece kinda steep. So whatever, some of you will enjoy it others won't. I'm curious to see whats their gonna do at e3

Mikelarry3500d ago

its just for the US as i just checked the UK home and its not available there

doctorstrange3500d ago

I all excitedly booted up my PS3 and went into home, but alas was dissapointed :(. Hopefully, if it comes here they will give the week free promo

DanSolo3499d ago

lol Euro Home is sh!t.
Sony need to have a better game plan when it comes to releasing stuff across all the versions of Home!

Socomer 19793499d ago

I leave home on as a screen saver when guest are over.
People say what is this and I say go ahead and move the character around.
They start talking junk for 10 minutes and drop it.
were still in beta mode people and this thing is moving quickly.

TheMART3499d ago

" Vip3r - 5 hours ago

Ignore2.3 -
US only. :(

Why don't you make a US account?

I have an EU and US account, so have best of both worlds. Although Home is pretty silly but hey you get the free download this time. Meh.