TEGN Review: Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom booster pack

TEGN writes: "Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom brings classic mahjong solitaire to the PS3. Which brings me to the point that Mahjong Tales has a booster pack available via the PSN for $4.99. Mahjong Tales consists of four modes including Ancient Tales, Motion, Infinity and a multiplayer mode which can be played online or locally. In Mahjong you are presented with a non particular pattern or shape. In the game you will see patterns from a cross to an apple. The tiles that make up this shape consist of icons or numbers on them to coincide with a matching tile. Available tiles are lit up and tiles that are not available are grayed out since being covered by the available ones. You must find matching tiles that are lit up to clear the board. Clear the board and you win."

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