inFAMOUS Only Possible on the PS3 According To Sucker Punch Employee

The Gamer Access just got done watching "The Tech Behind inFAMOUS" from While watching the video, one of the Sucker Punch employees claimed that "PS3 is really the only place we could have made this". Many of us have played the demo and have seen what inFAMOUS has to offer. Do you think that this is just something said to praise the PS3, or could it possibly be the truth? We don't know but be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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lord_of_balrogs3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

He works with Sony, of course he's going to glamourize his game over the competition. I mean c'mon Infamous looks great but the 360 could handle a game like it as well.

DNAgent3504d ago

Well, any game can be done on any console as long as it's watered down and tons of stuff are stripped from the game that would've been in the original product. I mean just look at FF13. It wouldn't be possible on 360 unless they toned down a ton of stuff and that's what they are doing. This is why you see the new Crysis engine for consoles. It doesn't look as good as the engine for PC. Crysis can be done on consoles but it won't be as good as the PC version.

DrWan3504d ago

The Xbox 360 probably
can do Infamous, of course it won't be the same, since all the codes are written specifically for the PS3. But if they try, they can probably make a working game, but they may have to cut certain things or try to make things fit here and there (i.e. take a way few details, u may see a few more pop ins, some low res texture that may not be as noticeable).

They can, but will it happen? Well, no because Sony funds all their project and owns the IP. Sony owns IP to Sly and Infamous. Just like when Sony bought Naughty Dog; since Universal funded Crash, they retained the IP. So u will never see Infamous on other console; if it rolls bigger and bigger. Infamous can be really big, we are now creating basically a whole different Universe (ala DC/Marvel) we can keep on adding superheros and they can interact with Cole in the future, think about the possibilities. Let alone Movies, Comic Books

GUNS N SWORDS3504d ago

hmmmmmm, it's still approval worthy but still every company says this.

Metroid Prime is only possible on the wii.
gears of war is only possible on the 360.
kill zone2 is only possible on the ps3.

i say they should say "only playable on....."

that's my opinion, it's good cause it doesn't discourage other developers from coming up with something new.

raztad3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )


x360 is yet to run a game technically comparable to KZ2, so unless someone pull that game out, KZ2 only can be done on the PS3.

I cant say anything about inFAMOUS, I know it looks good, but havent played it yet.



Im not skeptic, I just want to see this baby running in my 1080p Samsung tv, before to draw a solid conclusion about the subject.

TheExecutive3504d ago

I dont see anything in inFAMOUS that the 360 cannot do. One thing. The marketing strategy for Sony is getting tiresome to say the least.

Bring on the disagrees.

lokiroo4203504d ago

For one you would have to swap discs as you move around the city, no way it would be on 1 dvd.

chrisnick3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

look at the technology vid for infamous on ign, they clearly state the vast amount of things the cell handles all at once so its pretty simple. cell is only in ps3 thus it can only be done on ps3, the end. stripping things on the game to make it fit on something smaller doesn't make it the same game at all.

heroicjanitor3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I never even thought about that, it's a great idea maybe some form of dlc will add a different superhero, that would be cool, bubbles:)

7ero H3LL3504d ago

lol, it's only possible on ps3.....yet i can't find a pic that looks beyond 360's power........go ahead, pic one.

well anyways IGN gave it a nice score and was at least honest about it's graphics.

vs gears2.

i'm sorry but this is just nothing more than a flame war publicity stunt.

cayal3504d ago

@ above

What you fail to realise is that the graphics score of Gears 2 is compared against the graphics of other xbox 360 games, it has nothing nor does it have a comparison to any PS3 game.

Also why do you assume it is the graphics that cannot be done?

Bathyj3504d ago

Its not all about graphics you know. It could mean the size of the city, the AI, amount of traffic, buildings or rubbish blowing in the wind. All those details that made Killzone seem so alive and that were missing from Gears which made it seem so static.

Anyway I thought Xboxers didn't care about graphics anymore since it became apparent you'se lost that war.

Microsoft Xbox 3603504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Gears of War isn't worth mentioning as a graphical achievement anymore. It was an achievement in 2006 for consoles, but not so much now. PS3 exclusives literally stomp on that game.

EDIT: Gears of War 1 looks better than GeoW 2. Fact.

Bnet3433504d ago

No surprise here. Just like Gears is only possible on Xbox 360 because of RAM. Every company says this, nothing new.

7ero H3LL3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

infamous graphics were beaten 6 months ago.

where 8 to 10 people would disagree 4,000,000 would agree.

"Gears of War isn't worth mentioning as a graphical achievement anymore. It was an achievement in 2006 for consoles, but not so much now. PS3 exclusives literally stomp on that game."

it's gears 2 and alright then mass effect 2.....who give that's who.


.....and what's with the title "Microsoft Xbox 360" with the 360 controller as your avatar, you confused or something?


you want to know what a fact is (SONY PLAYSTATION 3)

that's a fact.

jwatt3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I'm positive It's not the graphics but more on the processor side, with objects having their own light sources. I honestly believe, like what some devs have stated that the 360 and ps3 are both pretty close in terms of performence. It's just that the 360 has a slightly better gpu and the ps3 has a better cpu. When they say it can only be done on the ps3 they're talking about the processing side. That's why I personally think there are some things the ps3 cant do that the 360 can and some things the 360 can't do that the ps3 can but the differnce is not huge.

7ero H3LL3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

lol N4G, ps3 gamers live in it.

that's why killzone2 isn't selling well.

cause A, ps3 gamers are to busy bickering and B, hardly any gamer wants to game with or against fanboys like you losers.

Insomnia_843504d ago

there's still a racer to beat GT5:P graphically, they said it was going to be Race Pro...what happened???? o.0

ZuperAmazingCooKie3504d ago

Prototype will show you what limitations the developers have to run into in order to deliver a sandbox game on DVD9. Hell, see GTA4 or any other open world game, be it multiplatform or 360 exclusive, that runs from a DVD9.

50CALheadshot3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

this is a phuckin lie!!!

everyone knows the cell cant render next gen graphics!!!/sarcasm.

Infamous will be the game that will inspire R* to give sony a gta exclusive.

heavenly sword
resistance 2
are just a taste of what the cell can do. Cell processing combined withe the brd storage turned out to be a phenomenal move, contrary to what the media wanted to force feed the public.

The best is yet to come, with games like gow3, gt5,uncharted2 on the horizon. Sony's exclusive games are meant to raise the technical achievement bar in the console arena. It seems that with each exclusive thats released, they gain more momentum.

To think, this is only the 3rd year and uncharted looks the way it does.

Lifendz3504d ago

till sites like thebitbag and podcasts like the warzone start attempting to dispute this even though no one on those sites or podcasts has ever made a game.

Timesplitter143504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I'm pretty sure it can be done on the X360. The graphics are average/good, 8/10 worthy

And before you ask, no, I don't have an X360. No, I don't kill little kitties and I don't eat babies for breakfast. I'm just a normal PS3 guy.

You guys must learn how to manage your fanboyism because it's getting embarassing.

SnuggleBandit3504d ago

even now, but especially as the years go by, people are going to be out of their effin minds if they don't own a ps3! and i'm talking about people who are true gamers anyways. there are just too many good games on the ps3 and i have yet to hear one valid, logical arguement to say why the ps3 is not worth buying. In the long run, it is cheaper than the xbox 360!

Timesplitter143504d ago

Well sorry sir but Prototype isn't out yet so I can't play it

3504d ago
Timesplitter143504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Damnit why must everyone be in the extremes? We either have butthurt X360 fanboys or brainwashed PS3 fanboys. Is it really THAT hard to just look at those articles objectively and say : "Well considering the graphics are good, but nothing revolutionary, I think it can be done on the X360 too."? And you, why do you need to bring this retarded "lol PS3 iz a movie player lol" crap?

Man, I gotta go study for my finals. I'll worry about people being wrong on the internets later.

MNicholas3504d ago

Best looking FPS: KZ2 (PS3)
Best looking 3rd person shooter: Uncharted (PS3)
Best looking Racing game: GT5 Prologue (PS3)
Best looking sandbox game: Infamous (PS3)
Best looking platformer: R&C or LBP (PS3)
Best looking sports game: MLB Show (PS3)

It's pretty obvious by now that the PS3 has quite a bit more performance headroom than the 360. The reality is that the 360 maxed out about a year ago. While the 360 GPU is in the same ballpark as the PS3's in terms of overall performance, the Cell processor enables the PS3's GPU to be far more effective.

For example, GT5 Prologue displays twice as many cars as PGR4, each with twice as much detail, at twice the frame rate and 50% higher resolution. Thats an absolutely enormous performance differential.

Alternatively, just compare Infamous and GTAIV. Infamous has better textures, better lighting, better character models, it's got much more dynamic environments, etc... Infamous is simply a much more advanced game than GTAIV.

However, Killzone 2 is still the standard bearer for game performance. Not only are the graphics breath-taking, but the dynamic object physics and dynamic lighting are simply unmatched.

shadow27973504d ago

When it comes to visuals, ya the 360 can do it. My knee-jerk reaction was to scoff at that being said about inFamous. But when you start to think about it, maybe he's right.

Every single ledge, pole, etc. in the large city is grab-able and climb-able, while still maintaining it's visuals (which, to my knowledge, are the best seen in an open world game), and keeping track of all the mayhem that happens on screen. Plus the entire game is completely streaming.

inFamous is a larger technological feat than most of you are making it out to be. Simply making a judgment based on screen-shots isn't doing this game justice.

That said, I'm still not sure if it can or can't be done on 360, but I think the game deserves more credit for what it is able to do.

Ju3504d ago

I like the comparison with GTA4. I play the inFamous demo for a while now, and while I think it captures the GTA4 atmosphere, its just a GTA on steroids (without the driving, except you would count "surfing" on the rooftop of a car as driving). Just count the billboards. All fully animated, the particle effects are pretty crazy. And the lightning is great. It comes with a price. And that has been said before, that is occasional pop ins and the AA could be better, though (but the later also makes extra sharp details in the city like wires and such). I still get the feeling this is GTA4 as an action game. I was surprised that it has a pretty fast paced gameplay...from a distance, and on screen shots, those two games might look the same. But only until you play them...

ShabzS3504d ago

every first party studio developer of sony says this statement after a demo release .... this is like clock work ...

themyk3504d ago

it's so annoying when 30 people all reply to the first post. WTF. NB4 u just did it. yes i know i just did it i'm just making a point. it sux.

7ero H3LL3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

lol, it's far ahead of 360.

show proof.

edit to below, assassins creed didn't need it, and when i installed it i saw nothing that made it change, only the short loading time is what i saw.

aaron58293504d ago

Of course it can be done on 360, but it will seriously need an install option.

because an open world game without installs... expect pop ins..

*cough* GTA4 *cough*

RememberThe3573504d ago

It's like when the red faction dev said he pushed the 360 to it's limits. He didn't necessarily mean graphically, the physics and destruction in that game are amazing.

The same is probably true for Infamous. Beyond how great the game looks, there is probably a ton of things going on in the background that they think are only possible on the PS3 due to how the Cell is set up.

The dev said what he said, and he meant it. Stop getting butt hurt about everything...

jammy_703504d ago

think about it.. his can be done on 360.... K2? no but this YES!!!

redsquad3504d ago

Oh, I 'justified' my console purchase long ago chum, with excellent performance and great games. I'm afraid you're attempt at bitter satire won't alter that fact one jot.

I thank you.

All-33504d ago

According to ex-Bungie developer; Christian Allen, Killzone 2 could "totally be done" on the 360 if Guerrilla wanted to."

"The tech is there, if the team and the publishers were motivated, they could do it, just like Halo could come to PS3 if MS didn’t own it. It really comes down to console exclusivity. The tech differences between the PS3 and the 360 aren’t all that much; it’s really about the delivery of content."

Everyone else posting in this thread is also game developer - right?

Microsoft Xbox 3603504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Talk is cheap. We have yet to see Bungie or any company that man is in currently, produce a game looking like K2.

"The tech is there, if the team and the publishers were motivated, they could do it, just like Halo could come to PS3 if MS didn’t own it"

Of course Halo 3 can be ported if it wasn't owned by MS. That game is not even HD for crying out loud and it looks like an enhanced version of Halo 2. But K2 on the other hand is a technical masterpiece, something we have yet to see on the 360's hardware. Maybe soon, maybe never.

otherZinc3504d ago

every time an idiot says that "said game" under-performs at retail.

Infamous will sell less than 150k first month. That can only be done on the PS3 for a big title. The 360 would be well above that.

So they're correct.

LONEWOLF2313504d ago


You sir are wrong!

We have yet to see how big the world is BUT i doubt it will be bigger than GTA's or Saints and if the 360 can run both of those i dont see why it wont run this one. The only thing i cant see the 360 pulling off in the game would be the physics i mean it might pull them off but not as good.

Marceles3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I can't believe you're comparing a sandbox open world game to a 3rd person shooter with only 5 characters on screen at once. If Infamous was a straight forward shooter with only a few characters like Gears, imagine how much better the game would look since the system would have so many unused resources that aren't focused on creating a living breathing city. They can increase polygon count, texture detail, and effects easily. If Gears was a sandbox game with the same level of detail it has now, but with as many things that go on in inFamous, the 360 would blow up.

cayal3504d ago

"lol N4G, ps3 gamers live in it.

that's why killzone2 isn't selling well.

cause A, ps3 gamers are to busy bickering and B, hardly any gamer wants to game with or against fanboys like you losers. "

So what are you doing here? 360 RROD'd or you just got nothing to play?

Jinxstar3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I feel like 90% of you are looking at graphics and not size, scale, number of objects moving at once and sound. You can't have an open world game with more then 1 disc. Period. This game probably fills half the BR. Graphics or not there is a lot more information on that disc then what you all probably think. Hence one of the big reasons it's only possible on the PS3.

@ lone wolf. Look at the textures and things from GTA then look at teh textures of infamous. There is a HUGE difference. It may not be as big but close enough while looking as good as it does...

theEnemy3504d ago

that 360 is at it's limits. Hardware and Developer wise.

But on the PS3, it's a different story.

Tiberium3504d ago

yeah seriously, "only possible on (insert system here)" is just a developer line. I mean come on all games are made by PCs so obviously it's possible on a PC.

lokiroo4203504d ago


well in gta the entire city is static, where as infamous has a fully interactive atmosphere, that takes up space on the disc, no way in hell 7 gigs is enough.

BlackCountryBob3504d ago

Perhaps it is more a case of only working on the PS3 and with Sony were we able to spend 4 years making the game, if we were multiplatform we would have been forced to do twice the work in half the time and release an inferior product because we could not give the same degree of attention to detail. Nothing to do with the xbox at all!

Jake11113504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Infamous CANT be done on the 360 is the point.

Therefore the statement is "Infamous in its CURRENT state cant be done on the 360"

Sure you can dumb it down but then it ISNT Infamous!

So their statement is correct.

A go cart isnt a delorian no matter how much you can shape it to look like one. Its the COMPLETE package that makes it a Delorian.

See my point???

FamilyGuy3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

They mean how lively and vast the city is.
So many other characters on screen to interact with, moving cars and destructibility.

The city is huge and you can hop roof top to roof top all over and drop to the ground or look down to the ground at any time and see life going on below you. The draw distance is amazing (demo impression), you can see out of range enemies lurking, get closer and they start shooting at you or stay at that distance and through some grenades at a really high arc to reach them.

They could also just as easily be referring to the size of blu-ray disc giving them more options.

brandonk1293504d ago

that get so many degrees because the xbots run over here to start a fight saying NO IT CAN BE DONE ON XBOX THEYRE LIEING. get over it xbox fans, your system is inferior and CANNOT run inFAMOUS. end of story

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sonarus3504d ago

Published by sony so yea its only possible on PS3

3504d ago
Mizz_mai3504d ago

microsoft published ninja gaiden 2 and look what happened hahahahahahaha

Jeff2573504d ago

Why do people assume that he was talking down to the 360 when he mentiones this game could only be done on the PS3? Remember folks that last gen they only worked on the PS2. To me I get the feeling they are talking more about how the PS3 allows them to do things the PS2 never did and never could do. They are stepping into this gen for the first time with Infamous. But because they could focus on just the PS3 they could optimize their graphics engine and game assets to use the Cell and SPUs the way they are intended.

aldesko3504d ago

Nothing new here... Nate Fox said this like 2 years ago. And I think he said it's mainly because of blu-ray.

HardcoreGamer193504d ago

Gears of war 2 is only possible on the 360

dericb113504d ago

Sadly this is false. The Unreal Engine can run of PC(The Best Version), Xbox 360 and PS3(Unreal Tournament 3 is Prove). It is a 360 Exclusive if you want some credit.

HardcoreGamer193504d ago

"Sadly this is false. The Unreal Engine can run of PC(The Best Version), Xbox 360 and PS3(Unreal Tournament 3 is Prove). It is a 360 Exclusive if you want some credit."

Keep dreaming!........I cancel my pre-order after playing the infamous demo because it plays and looks like a multiplatform game called the incredible hulk. So I know this is possible on the PS3, Wii and 360.

raztad3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Hardcore, you mixed up the games. The one you are referring to is Prototype. Seriously, inFAMOUS and Hulk are totally different games.

Flipfito3504d ago

w/e is possible on 360 its Def' possible on ps3 your just coming up with things to say which doesnt make sense and just trying to get bak at the tittle of the article

heroicjanitor3504d ago

They have used the exact same engine on the ps3 multiple times, so why couldn't it do it? Like the guy above me said I think you meant prototype so if you are going to start pretending you don't like it without trying it at least pick the same faults as your fanboy brethren.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3504d ago

And it eclipses Gears in every possible metric. Lighting, polygon count, textures, detail, physics, explotions, AI, effects, enemies on screen. Seriously, Gears is no match for Uncharted. I wonder what Uncharted 2 will look and play like, not to mention its online modes.

Nathan1233504d ago

'Gears of war 2 is only possible on the 360'- Ya right.... PS3 can run The best looking console game- Killzone 2 only using 60% power (fact) and can't run Gears 2 which by the way is inferior in terms of graphics to KZ2.... Fanboys sure are dumb.

BYE3504d ago

Graphical comparison:

Uncharted -> Gears 2
Metal Gear Solid 4 -> Gears 2
Heavenly Sword -> Gears 2
Killzone 2 -> Gears 2
Resistance 2 -> Gears 2
Ratchet & Clank -> Gears 2

MNicholas3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

It's the poster child for games designed around hardware limitations. There's a gamespot comparison of the same locations in Gears 1 and 2 and it's amply visible where they cut back on geometry and draw-distance in order to squeeze in a few new visual tricks.

For example chests of drawers that were smoothly curved and ornate in Gears 1 had been replaced by simple boxes with simple textures in Gears 2. Buildings too were similarly simplified and draw-distance, never a strong point in Gears 1, was also cut back in Gears 2. Where possible, distance scenes were replaced with prerendered images.

The reality is that in terms of visual fidelity, the 360 has maxed out. The reason is that the entire graphical potential of the 360 is dependent solely on the GPU. If the PS3 was limited in that way, games like GT5, Killzone 2, and Uncharted wouldn't be possible. Those games use the Cell processor to, in essence, double the capacity of the GPU. Here's an analogy that should make sense to most of you.

If take two cars with roughly the same specs and race them from 0-60 the winner would be more dependent on driver skill than performance differences. Now, if you take one of those cars and put it on a downward slope then despite the fact that it has roughly the same specs as the car that's on a flat surface, the one going down the slope would accelerate from 0-60 much faster. That's what the Cell processor does. When the Cell processor is properly utilized it's like the PS3's GPU is accelerating downhill whereas the Xbox360's GPU is on a flat track and due to the lack of bandwidth between the CPU and GPU as well as the lack of raw processing power in the 360's CPU there's nothing that developers can do to improve on that. They can make "artisitic" compromises like in Gears 2 but that's about it.

That's why GT5 Prologue so massively outperforms the best looking racing game on the 360. Twice as many cars, each with twice as much detail, at higher resolution, and twice the frame rate. Check out for a frame-rate analysis showing GT5 Prologue maintain a near perfect 60fps in the incredibly detailed and beautifully lit London track.

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