MyGamer: Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden Review

MyGamer writes: "Because of this, it's difficult to give the title a positive review, or my endorsement for purchase. Mediocre Naruto games are by no means uncommon, and this one brings a sizable price tag for a PS2 title that lacks online support. If you want a seriously pretty game, get Ultimate Ninja Storm for the PS3. If you want a cool story mode, get Ultimate Ninja 3 for the PS2 (or one of the DS titles). If you want a good game, get Clash of Ninja Revolution 2. For me, all those things are more important than getting older versions of the characters. If you're willing to pay $40 to sate your Shippuden needs…then pick up this game. I'll keep my two Andrew Jacksons, though".

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