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The War Game Conundrum: How Long is Too Long?

Split-screen: "Do people only suffer when a war is taking place? There are still plenty of individuals, soldiers and historians, who can't forget the horror of WWII - to say nothing of those imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps or who lost family, friends and neighbours to the same while emerging, scarred but alive. The key factor has never been whether a war or horrific event is over or not. Just as no developer would include a 9/11-style mission in their game, in the same way were some of our Bollywood film-makers rushing to the Taj and Oberoi after the recent Mumbai terror attacks to scope out the scenery." (Culture, Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda, PC, PS3, Six Days in Fallujah, Xbox 360)

Lfmesquite  +   1902d ago
100 hours??
I don't know. Personally they could of made Gears of War, 100 hours long and it would just take me longer to finish it. I get bored sometimes and but it down, then later I'm in the mood to play again.

Really, if they make games 100 hours long, they could just do that and skip the next 2 sequels. But then they miss out on $59.99,two more times.
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aldesko  +   1902d ago
haha, read the article.

It's asking if it's ok to make a game about a war that's still taking place.

I personally don't see the big deal... we see movies based off current conflicts in the middle east all the time.
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