Enough is enough: The Treyarch bashing is really getting old

Gaming Console Network's Sean Foster takes a personal look at why game developer "Treyarch" is getting major heat for it's Call of Duty: World at War game as well as the upcoming unnamed Call of Duty 7 title rumored to take place in Vietnam. Is it time for gamers to stop bashing Treyarch and instead throw some much-needed support behind the developer?

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RememberThe3573506d ago

They're just not as good as Infinity Ward. I think we'll see something pretty cool if Activision lets then expand out of the WWII setting like they let Infinity Ward do with Modern Warfare.

sonarus3506d ago

Treyarch needs to step out of infinity wards shadow and make their own games. These yearly COD installments are stupid and annoying

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3506d ago

that treyarch doesn't suck. They're just not as good as the big IW. And that they do need to step out of IW shadow. I bet they could prolly make some cool games.

50CALheadshot3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

fanboys hate

Seraphim3506d ago

I wouldn't quite say they suck but they are nothing more than average. All the develop are below average to average games. Had World at War not carried the CoD title it would have been just another average shooter in the haystack.

Anyway, the day I cut Treyarch some slack is the day they start creating rock solid games that are above average. :P

II Necroplasm II3506d ago

sonarus is right.

Besides... they was saying that COD WAW is superior to COD4 lol

screw them.

BattleAxe3506d ago

Treyarch did a fantastic job on CoD: WaW, and are now supporting the game with its 2nd map pack in June.

Infinity Ward did a terrible job of supporting CoD4 with one crappy map pack, not to mention the connection issues and the "Host End Game" garbage.

Looking forward to MW 2, but to say CoD4 was way better then WaW, you guys must not have even played it or you just suck at it.

II Necroplasm II3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

Modern Warfare >>> WW2

AK-47, M4 carbine, G36C and C4 >>> Guns made out of wood.

YoMeViet3506d ago

I like to point out that (most) AK-47 stocks are made of wood.

evrfighter3506d ago

"Treyarch did a fantastic job on CoD: WaW"

lol IW did the legwork on their new engine...all they did was make maps re-skin weapons and perks and modded attack dogs instead of the choppers...

They didn't even try to make the main menu's any different...

II Necroplasm II3506d ago

@YoMeViet Yes I know that, but you should get my point.

TheRealSpy023506d ago

call of duty, all together, needs to go the hell away!

TheRealSpy023506d ago

guess i'm the only one who's tired of seeing the same old game running on the same engine repackaged with a different number at the end of it.

COD hasn't changed since 2. and 2 wasn't very good.

then again i'm talking to a die hard console generation, and being a pc gamer, i've played FPS since wolf 3d. this mundane, ai-free, invisible wall checkpoint stuff has been done to death. and COD has done NOTHING to reinvent the wheel.

r3xmund13506d ago

Ever since they crapped all over CoD3 and its gimped single player... they have been baaaad news...

Infinity Ward FTW

SL1M DADDY3506d ago

Then they released COD3... Sorry, that game was butt nasty. After COD:WaW though, they won back my appreciation. My appreciation goes by games and on a game by game basis. Make one bad one and you're out. Make a good one and you're back in.

LoVeRSaMa3505d ago

The problem is they don't give us what we want, thats the difference its another reason why Infinity Ward are better..

Another point is the fact I am sick of playing WWII Games ¬.¬"
its probs why COD 4 was also more popular WWII has no relevance to the people playing it these days they want current events.

Also Vietnam... why.

Infinity Ward and Treyarch have some rivalry themselves so its not like its the fan boys fault the 2 companies actually argue over the COD games, and most the people can tell that Infinity Ward are the better Developers for the COD series.

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swiftshot933506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

I got disagrees. WTF? There are people here that believe Treyarch>Infinity Ward? LOL. There is definitely some kind of internet virus thats going around. N4G seems to have been subjected to it.

NegativeCreepWA3506d ago

Considering COD4 is better than 5 in almost every way, I would have to agree.

Greek993506d ago

We all know. Its only obvious .

PPL(not me) disagreed because of you ignorance.

Sky Zero3506d ago

They stink.

Every CoD they've created I hated.

Even the rated well WaW sucked ass to me.

Online sucked and so did the who gives a crap story.

HackMaxx3506d ago

Treyarch's history in their games as far as I am aware wasn't primarily shooters, when compared to IW which was formed from ex-EA MOH people to make their vision of a WWII FPS.
Of course IW will be more interested in improving the game. If your dev company got the chance to do a huge franchise it would be stupid to turn it down. IW created COD, Treyarch were the lucky buggers chosen to help out with demand.

360isgreat3506d ago

Stop buying these things.

Kleptic3506d ago

Vietnam isn't exactly a 'WW' I guess that is fact there really hasn't been a good vietnam based first person shooter yet...Battlefield vietnam was ok, but largely just 1942 with a different backdrop, and a focus on online more than anything...and the shellshock 'nam series has always been a joke and nothing more...

but agreed as far as WWII goes...which is exactly why I never purchased world at war...same WWII movie ripoffs left and right...the russian sniper segment was ripped right out of Enemy at the Gates...which call of duty 2 alread did (even your russian guys name was Viseli (sp?) in cod 2...just like enemy at the gates)...its can call it a 'great game' if you want...but some of us simply won't purchase stuff we've already played...didn't I push the germans back to the Reichstag in Call of Duty 1?...i'm pretty sure I did...

world at war was mediocre at best...when you have titles like Gears of War, MGS4, and Uncharted out this generation....there is simply no room for that mediocrity imo...if you like online...Halo 3, modern warfare, and killzone 2 crap on world at war's blatant rehash of its predecessors...

but unlike many...I never blamed Treyarch...I blame Activision...they found something that worked in late 2003...and have granted us annual sequels more or less ever since...if you really think world at war is simply have no problem paying full price for something that is basically an expansion pack with updated graphics...that has never worked for me...but to each their own...

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