Star Fox in Dire Need of a Reboot

The classic franchise needs some work to regain its former glory.

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Viewtiful3203d ago

I don't think it needs a reboot, I think it needs to be left to age and die gracefully rather than paraded out in front of the public to show off it's aging formula and ugly design.

iTZKooPA3203d ago

Do you know how many franchises would have died if they didn't rehaul them from time to time? Granted, not every franchise can be masterfully kept alive like Mario Bros, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be attempted if the audience remains.

stewie328873203d ago

Back in the N64 days I lived and breathed Star Fox. It sucks how the game has fallen prey to Nintendo's lack of doing anything with their series.

italianbreadman3201d ago

I would love to see a great Star Fox game one more time.