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Capcom: "American Publishers focused on Money, not great games"

In an article titled "Who wants to be a Millionaire", Capcom co-founder Kenzo Tsujimoto is quoted making the following statement:

"The chief difference between American and Japanese game publishers: In the United States, publishers are very successful – they're run by professional management. They focus on money, not making great games. On our side, we always operate under the assumption that there's a high possibility of losing money, but that's just our style. American publishers make games so everyone can play. The Japanese – especially Capcom – favor the hardcore gamer."

Anyone find this ironic coming from capcom? (Industry)

Bill Nye  +   3119d ago
That must be why they shut down Clover.
Husso  +   3119d ago
lol must be it!
techie  +   3119d ago
Capcom!!! hahaha. classic...DMC4?
OldSchoolGamer  +   3119d ago
Lost Planet or Dead Rising, oh wait those were original Capcom games (although I don't know how original you can be when you are paying homage to Romero flicks). Anyway GO Gamer throw some more flame bait ("Anyone find this ironic coming from capcom?") not from the Article into your stories so you can pimp Sony and slam Microsoft and Wii and little more! lol, is it because Capcom used free will to decide to release DMC4 multiplatform? Oh gosh how terrible. My god just report a story without your bias, I feel like I'm watching CNN.
GaMr-  +   3119d ago
Read my comment and stfu.

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OldSchoolGamer  +   3119d ago
You can play that you aren't a fanboy but that is three articles today you post your flaming crap in them, sorry but aren't you out of bubbles, maybe it cause of all those fanboy comments I seen you make repeatedly. My point is no need for that junk in news posts. Now sit in the corner, shut up and don't make me C@ckslap you.

As for the actual article I think that it is complete BS, "And as creative people, they like to make something new whenever possible, not do the same things over and over again. They look for new ideas, and I've given them a lot of freedom to operate in this regard"

Americans have invented the RPG and the FPS as genres. Sequels are more predominant in the Japanese programming circles, but both do have originality.
ARVO  +   3119d ago
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OldSchoolGamer  +   3119d ago
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OldSchoolGamer  +   3119d ago
My apologies to everyone on the site
I shouldn't get mad at little children on this site. I am sorry if my language offended any reasonable people on this site. As for GaMr welcome to ignore.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3119d ago
Clover..cross plat from for a new sytem
I cant belive that they would ever say taht about american compnies because too me they are doing the same things right about now...Dead Rising and Lost Plant were garbage but still should be mulit..
power of Green  +   3119d ago
"Dead Rising and Lost Planet were garbage "
I wonder how popular the non garbage games will be(6-9 million copies sold). You Sony fans sure do talk alot about DR and LP despite them being garbage it seems like LP is being praised and is very popular internationally.
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BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3119d ago
They where
The controls are garbage and dead rising is fun all of ten mins...yet lost planet online is okay..Im not saying they arent worth trying out but not for 60 bucks...also I wouldnt mind them getting ported to ps3 sorta like saits row and enchated arms on ps3..they arent great but they are okay....I aplogize for the garbage...
Bonsai1214  +   3119d ago
i don't really like Lost Plant (yes i've played it)

but anyways, i have to agree with the capcom guy. publishers like EA publish garbage every year and sell millions. when they can't make a better game than their competitor, they buy out the license (2k sports anyone?)

the only hope i have left for EA is army of two, and i haven't heard much news on that front for ages
uxo22  +   3119d ago
Capcom Bashing

Why are we suddenly bashing Capcom. The exclusive to Inclusive debate over DMC4 wouldn't be the reason would it?
GaMr-  +   3119d ago
Understand that companies dont get bashed for favoring anyone or anything.

They get bashed for mmaking dip-shyt comments like

"American Publishers focused on Money, not great games"

WTF... is that not the most retarded shyt you ever heard. 1 Word for them


I wonder what Cliffy B has to say about this. Its even funnier cause this is from a company known for milking IP's...

How many Mega Man original and Spin off sequels have thier been. Now count Resident Evil???

"I'll wait".......
ryanjtravis  +   3119d ago
Completely Agree...
With GaMr here... that's just ridiculous. What about Bungie, FASA, etc.? Those are just the first 2 that came to mind, but there are several other U.S. devs that put out great games.

It's a stupid and untrue statement, and I'm surprised they would say something like that.
Bonsai1214  +   3119d ago
my example of EA is probably the exception rather than the rule. i forgot about epic and most of sony's first and second party devs.

but i don't think Bungie is the best example... remember their "yeah, we screwed up halo 2" a few weeks ago? they crapped out a product knowing millions would buy it.
power of Green  +   3119d ago
Not liking it is one thing but to call it garbage is moronic at best, I disslike FF i doubt its garbage due to size of its fanbase.

#6 agreed!.
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specialguest  +   3119d ago
POG, you're an idiot for agreeing with #6. This isn't about 360 vs PS3, this is about Capcom vs ALL of the US developers. You use to be a "fair" fanboy at one time, now you're an extremist just like The Mart.
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r1000  +   3119d ago
I can't wait for 2k to come out with it's football games
hfaze  +   3119d ago
I'm not sure if that statement applies to all American game companies...
But definately, DEFINATELY applies to EA...

I don't think it would be fair to say this about Epic, ID Software, or Valve Software...

Personally, other than Tiger Woods and Burnout, I would not miss EA one BIT if they fell off the face of the planet... They LOVE shovelware...
zantetsuken  +   3119d ago
Capcom can stfu
First the release a statement saying making games go multi-platform is very important as it widens the experience for gamers. The next day they say no Lost Planet or Dead rising for any platform but 360... If anyone's money hungry, it's Capcom.

Clover was a success in the US but flopped in Japan so they closed the studio. Capcom is hilarious.
The BS Police  +   3119d ago
Becuase they make msot of their money on sequals.

Sure there are Developers who make games for money only, but the same goes for japanese developers.

I enjoy American and Europion games more than I do with Japanese games becuase I feel Japanese developrs are running out of original ideas.
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Ps3007  +   3119d ago
Isnt this the pig calling a donkey dirty
Just shut up Capcom... I think its time for you to go back to making games rather then getting into the PR of things.
BenzMoney  +   3119d ago
Racist/Xenophobic comment...
It's like an American developer saying something to the effect of:

"The chief difference between American and Japanese game publishers: In Japan, publishers are very successful – they're run by fat heads. They focus on their fat heads, not making great games. On our side, we always operate under the assumption that there's a high possibility of being shunned by the fat heads across the pond, but that's just our style. Japanese publishers make games so fat heads can play. Americans – especially ['X' American Company] – favor the hardcore gamer."

It's just not true. This guy is a shmuck.
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   3119d ago
dang it
Capcom...you EFFED up big time. I mean, this is worse than the speech Mr. Miyamoto gave about the gamecube...and then finding out that it was a PS2 with worse graphics and no DVD playback...haha.
DC RID3R  +   3119d ago
hey guys..................
the HD trailer of GTA 4 is now available.

TheSadTruth  +   3119d ago
Capcom is right for the most part.. mostly EA is to blame for giving America that sort of image.
GEV1L  +   3119d ago
And just to refresh everyones memory: Capcom is the japenese EA. I mean honestly, other than ea and their sports francises has anyone raped and pillaged the good name of their series more than Capcom? I would be hard pressed to find anyone else other than Nintendo that beats a dead horse more. Las gen How many onimushas were there? The game wasnt that good after the first one. Now how about devil may cry? He'll cry only if they make another damned sequel after 4.MEga man? Well let's just say after mega man 3 on nes, the series sstarted its evil decent. Resident Evil you say? Well if Capcom wasnt concerned with money it would have stayed as an exclusive on gamcube instead of RE4 going to ps2. And why did it move to ps2? Oh yea, cause it didnt sell enough on gamecube. Also how many crappy portable version of the RE have they made? Too many. And lets not forget about how in an interview with one of their honchos(buddy who made LP cant remember his name talking about how clover didnt know how to market thier games and that was one of the reasons they closed the studio. OR how about how DR almost wasnt released as the upper crust of capcom didnt want to risk revenue on a new IP. Really all companys are business for money and that the facts of life. However for these fools to make it seem like its only americans who do it that pretty foolish since Capcom is one of gamings biggest whores. Now do I like capcom games? Oh hell yes but I hate stupidity and the smell of sh!t so Tsujimoto should shut his mouth so I dont have to put up with either
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FordGTGuy  +   3119d ago
Some of the best rated and best selling games are American/European made(not saying Japanese aren't)
Forza Motorsport,
Project Gotham Racing,
The Elder Scrolls,
Crimson Skies,
Command and Conquer,
Half Life,
Counter Strike,
Gears Of War,
Call Of Duty,
Rainbow Six,
Ghost Recon,
Grand Theft Auto,
Star Wars: KOTOR,
Unreal Tournament,
Unreal Championship,
Tony Hawk,
Entire 2k Sports Lineup,
Entire EA Lineup,
and etc.

BTW Capcom in the long run every company is out to make a profit because it wouldn't be good business if it wasn't.
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artman  +   3116d ago
these games have all in similar type, most of these games I can't enjoy to play for hours except command & conquer, civilization.
And this two are computer games.

EA games really sux honestly... some is good, but it doesn't have any quality either in gameplay or visual.
kewlkat007  +   3119d ago
Don't start bashing CAPCOM. The only company that have supported almost every system on every level.(Just look at thier History) They have created alot of smashing Hits. I'm not sure why Sony Fantards were crying about DMC4 going Multi. Capcom don't play that Sh!t.

I'm sure they know what they are talking about..and I'm sure we all know they are talking about ELECTRONIIC ARTS..(perfect example of Greed)

Some CAPCOM hits:
Mega Man
Street Fighter
Resident Evil
Devil May Cry
Breath of Fire
Marvel vs. Capcom series
Captain Commando

Look at this Amazing List before you start bashing:


One of my Top 3 Developers over my 20 years gaming career.
#19 (Edited 3119d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GEV1L  +   3119d ago
Now the only question to ask is of that amazing lists how many games are ones that capcom raped the good name of that game? It is to be expected as all game companies do it to some degree.

Ps: Thank you for reminding me of Street Fighter two: all twenty street fighter II variations that capcom used to pull an EA. I mean honestly so many different versions of SFII yet no proper SFIII. If capcom wanted to ride the SFII wave they could have made a sequel instead of barely tweaking the code or game options and releasing it yet another SFII hyper champion super street edition.
kewlkat007  +   3119d ago
Dude at one time Fighting games was the stuff here in the states, I mean look at Mortal Kombat, Midway should of stopped and Ultimate. In the fighting game genre, thats how it is. They hardley re-invent the games just add new characters/modes and such, then they started going against each other. (Capcom VS SNK per say)

Plus you have to remember Street Fighter was really pushing it when that hit the SNES back in the day. The game was slow, since there was no HDD to upgrade contents and speeds, so they had to do re-visions.(many) Not like today where they upgrade and patch games. Sometimes you can't compare Hardware and re-visions to this era.

Yes every company is in it to make Money, but once you loose that underground,Indie creativity, your work becomes shoddy, less polished, sloppy, cause you are trying to push a game by Xmas time to make money.

Americans and Japanese are different when it comes to development. Personally I think Japanese developers are more Polished in thier work.(less Bugs)
#20.1 (Edited 3119d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
razer  +   3119d ago
I love Capcom
But what business isn't in it to make money? Without money you go out of business, duh!! I love Capcom they are my favorite(Kenji Inafume FTW!) but they really need to not make comments like this and concentrate on making games. Just wait when Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 come to both the 360 and PS3 these will be AAA titles on both systems.
GEV1L  +   3119d ago
Agreed. Havent really played Lost Planet other than the demo yet as Ive been too hooked call of duty 3, gears, GRAW2 and Oblivion but I love Dead Risings take on the whole zombie apocalypse. I just hope Dead Rising two does what has to be done for the game to take the next step: Set in an entire town/small city with co-op and other multi player options. Imagine playing deathmatch against other people while running through all those zombies: would add a new dimension of danger to the standard multiplyer dm.
swordmasterphoen  +   3119d ago
Okey, I haven't read all the comments, but I do find this quite ironic. I mean: "We always think of the gamers, hardcore gamers. We always think we will lose money" but "we'll be releasing DMC4 multiplatform, because that way we can reach more gamers" and hence more money. Oh, and I'm sure that decision came because there are only 2.8 Million PS3's sold, but 10 million 360's. Oh mu god...I'm shocked on how Capcom DOESN'T think about the money when making their games...

This is just useless...each time someone from that company opens their mouth they just manage to make me like them less.
tplarkin7  +   3119d ago
It's the Japanese that are complacent.
Everything Nintendo has done in the last 3 console generations was to maintain the status quo. The JRPG has stagnated and it is the West that is innovating. With the exception of Team Ninja, Japanese developers have been dropping the ball.
WTF  +   3119d ago
Maybe they talking about EA and if it is,damn true.
Xi  +   3119d ago
To all those bashing capcom and DMC
you know, by putting it on all 3 platforms they are trying to get the game out for as many people as they can... You know they're doing it for the gamers not for the crying, selfish fanboys, just be happy someone else than a ps3 owner is getting the game.
#26 (Edited 3119d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
swordmasterphoen  +   3119d ago
Well, I'm not saying the game won't be playable by more people. However, you can be 100% SURE that the reason behind that decision is to because the 360 has a more solid base because its been out for more than 1 year. If Capcom is so thoughtful about the gamer, why was DMC, DMC2 and DMC3 first available on PS2?...but now the 360 has 2 exclusive games?, and DMC4 is multi?. It's all because last-gen PS2 was able to sell lots of games, but now that only 2.8 million have the PS3, then let's bring in the 10 million with 360's to gain more MONEY. Don't come saying this is fanboyish talk, this is reality. Everything works this way, sadly.

Capcom has proved that they are probably one of the few Japanese companies that thinks more on money than on gamers.
bootsielon  +   3119d ago
Talk about double Standards
Capcom doesn't care about money? lol, that's funny. I guess that's why they don't port games to rival consoles and instead make original games. That's why we still have studios like Clover alive and kicking.
Oh wait...


They are saying they care about the games, not about the bottomline. If they did, they wouldn't have ported it to Xbox 360, they would have delivered YET ANOTHER original game to xbox 360, and not a port.

Selfish PS3 fanboys? No, selfish capcom. And I don't blame them for liking money, I blame them for their double standards.
Funky Town_TX  +   3119d ago
Funny how you guys change your tunes
Whenever Square, Capcom release a old PS1 games that has been rehashed for a new system you guys go crazy. Look at DMC4. When it went multiplat fangirls were outraged. Now if MGS4 and FF say they will be multi-plat you guys will go ape crazy again. I love Western style games. I'm not a Japenese game player. I have tried lots of Japanese games but I did not like them. Wait untill the first big Japanese game drops on PS3 you guys will eat it up. Make capcom out of a lie, but it will not happen. Next time you go in the game store look at the line up for the Wii and Playstation 3 you will see a flood of Japanese games. The reason is because they sale on those consoles. Capcom is right in someways but wrong in others.
swordmasterphoen  +   3119d ago
The only company I could actually say this about would be Square-Enix; but just because an interview I read once. Don't remember where, but they said that they prefer to deliver good, original games to each console; instead of making one game appear in many. In fact, the only actual multi-platform game they have is FFXI, which is logical because it is an MMORPG.

So my take on that situation is that they might announce an FF for 360 (Probably Haeresis), or maybe something like they did with Nintendo (Crystal Chronicles); but that the two announced ones are staying on PS3. However; when you put so much money into a game, porting it to other platforms to gain more seems tempting...hence Sony's comments on "FFXIII exclusivity is still under discussion".

I think it's a safer bet to say they will support the 360 with an original game, but as I said; money sometimes becomes top priority...it doesn't matter then company, the game or the gamer.

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