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Bethesda explains 'horse armour' fury

OXM UK reports that Pete Hines says that it was the combination of bad timing and bad pricing that caused the infamous uproar against the Horse Armor DLC.

Hines tells OXM that if Horse Armour was the fifth bit of DLC Bethesda released for Oblivion rather than the first, the fuss would have been avoided. (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Xbox 360)

nightelfmohawk  +   2243d ago
Bethesda fails as a developer.
They rank up there with Activision as two of my least favorite developers this generation.
likedamaster  +   2241d ago
You are in the minority my friend. Get over it, play another game, move on, comment on another post.
KilZoneGeneralStrife  +   2242d ago
Bethesda,I respect your Art.you are geniuses in what you do. But. . . .and theres always a BUT. . .
You must be out of your damn mind to think thats all the problem was about! Paying for that crap.you're insane!
LightofDarkness  +   2242d ago

Yeah, I just started playing Oblivion again. I just love the game. Went with a Dark Elf with Blade, Heavy Armour, Light Armour, Restoration (poor choice in retrospect), Destruction, Block and Sneak as major skills (Warrior birth-sign). He's a very well-rounded fleet warrior who will be an exceptional thief and marksman in time.


Charging that much for such paltry content was a d**k-move on Bethesda's part. I can see where they were coming from: test the waters with some minimal content to get the DLC ball rolling. But it was just too little for too much. They have since made up for their folly with more robust expansions like Shivering Isles and Knight of the Nine (both of which were in my GOTY edition) and they're certainly showing it with this unabashed admittance of their poor judgement. Much respect Bethesda. Fallout 3 was awesome.
Baka-akaB  +   2242d ago
I dont see it that way , imo they were just testing "how much they could get away with" . Half dlcs are already scams and stuff on discs .. just imagine what would every devs would have done , if everyone had given such practice a greenlight ... especially capcom , ea and namco ...
kevnb  +   2242d ago
horse armour was awesome! Everyone I know thought it was a great deal and bought it day 1, lol.
likedamaster  +   2241d ago
Actually, the only problem I had with the Horse Armor was not knowing which one to pick or if I actually picked the better one. I have no problem paying for things like Horse Armor even if it's just cosmetic, never did. Battlefield Heroes completely relies on this concept, even in it's current Beta stage. And you don't get to keep what you purchase on Heroes either, everything's temporary.

On topic. He makes a good point and that is pretty much what it boils down to with people... Am I getting what I payed for?
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Baka-akaB  +   2242d ago
Bad timing ? I dont think there was any good timing for the horse crap .
At least for now despite publishers becoming more and more daring with dlcs .

People still complains , rightfully so probably , about characters costumes ... so how would they not for a dumb horse paint ? You can hide it behind 10 full great addons , doesnt make that particular piece of dl not crap .
Socomer 1979  +   2242d ago
wow !
Bethesda has its head up its own a$$. Did He really just say the problem was that horse armor should have released first and gamers would have appreciated it ?
wow !

I know its hard to develop games and I actually do like that devs now have many avenues of income in todays gaming age but dam, dont think you are a sly fox snatching chickens out the hens house. Youre not that smart.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2241d ago
The less bad, the plain bad and the horse armour.

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