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Killzone Street Dated ?

Amazon.com has PS3's upcoming critically acclaimed title Killzone street dated and ready for pre-order on their web site. They state:

"Availability: This item will be released on July 30, 2007. Pre-order now! Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.co.uk."

However I wouldn't start shelling out any money for this until we get an official word from Guerrilla Games or Sony Computer Entertainment. (Killzone 2, PS3)

techie  +   3078d ago
July!? As if.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3078d ago
This Game
We seen the trailer in 05..this game should be damn near complete
techie  +   3078d ago
Yuh it better not be DAverage.
fenderputty  +   3078d ago
It's plausible but still unlikely.
They've purposefully made this game and it's arrival time a secret. We know it's coming in July to E3 in some form. While it's unlikely, they could say "here is our game and ohhh by the way it's available at the end of the month."

Like I said .. unlikely.
Covenant  +   3078d ago
Probably not
I think we'll see something major at E3, such as a playable demo, and maybe Sony will also choose to offer a release date at that time.

But July seems awfully early, unless the game's MUCH further along than they've been hinting. Maybe so...could they be timing it for late summer/ early fall to steal some of Halo 3's thunder?
BenzMoney  +   3078d ago
"Critically acclaimed?!" Pffft. Not yet!
What the hell is that supposed to mean: "Critically acclaimed"?!?! How is this a critically acclaimed title when it hasn't even been released yet? Doesn't the phrase "critically acclaimed" suggest that the game has been released, critiqued, and enjoyed by the people critiquing it? For all we know this game could bomb. (Not saying it WILL - but it COULD).

What a joke. Seriously, do us all a favour and don't put extraneous crap in your news postings. You can drop the whole "critically acclaimed" part and report the news properly. Thank you.

Deepbrown (below):

Yeah, I know it's a bit harsh. Not trying to be an ass here but I'm just getting tired of all the title/article manipulation on this site. Changing the title is one thing (so long as it stays relatively on-point to the original) but this kind of stuff just needs to stop. "GaMr" seems to like to do it a lot - he's got another Gears of War article pending where he completely modified the text from the article he's linking to. Not cool. That's why I'm being harsh with this news post too. Sorry about that. Carry on. =)

Edit: The editing/article/title may not be offensive, but every single other comment post by him sure is! I'm not sure I've ever seen someone spit so much venom. Seriously, the kid needs to relax and take a pill or something.
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techie  +   3078d ago

Without GaMr this site would not be half as interesting...or have half the great news we get. His language is never offensive in its editing. I find it acceptable.
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kmis87  +   3078d ago
Lol, I said the same thing about the "critical success" Heavenly Sword, although that game has been actually been played at some game conventions. I also took a lot of flak by saying that Lost Planet and Too Human couldn't be labeled AAA games months before their release. Can't we all just agree to only label games, or developers, with a previous track record (Halo3, MGS4, Mass Effect, Bioshock, FF13 to name a few) as AAA games?
GaMr-  +   3078d ago
Here... I'll take you. Ready. Today we are going to learn how to use compound phrases. Yes putting two words together to get one meaning. You ready. Repeat after me.

Critically. Prounouced:crit'i·cal& ;18 3;ly Adj. Definition:in a critical manner;

Example sentence:"this must be examined critically"

Source: http://www.thefreedictionar...

Acclaimed:ac·claim Defintion: 1. To praise enthusiastically and often publicly; applaud. See Synonyms at praise.

2. To acknowledge or declare with enthusiastic approval:

Example:She was acclaimed person of the year.

(source) http://www.thefreedictionar...

So...now... tell me Based on what Gamespot.com said about what they saw of Killzone, IGN and Tons of Sony enthusiasts that are dying for this game. Tell me my choice of words were wrong. Ohhh and my other article.... FUCCIN BUSINESS WEEKLY CHANGED THEIR STORY.... I HAVE PROOF...IM NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO SAW WHAT THEY ORIGINALLY HAD.... THOSE FUCCIN XBOX FANBOYS....


Thats proof. He saw it too. Now they changed it to "one of the most significant franchises..lol"

Wow... You people have no idea about the games that are played in the industry.
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SmokeyMcBear  +   3078d ago
sorry gamr, but everytime you post, i kind of just stop at the name and stare at your avatar, completely forgetting to read your post, I think I have seen that girl before, its a hot ups delivery girl, actually i think that was a bangbros episode.
TheExecutive  +   3078d ago
I guess....
Who knows. They have deliberately concealed most everything about this game. It is entirely possible that it comes out in July... but it is entirely possible that its not. I would lean more toward the latter but I am sure there will be a huge E3 announcement about this game. Whether or not it is the closer than we thought release date is yet to be determined.
Jamaicangmr  +   3078d ago
July does seem a bit unlikely. Even though fenderputty's senario does seem plausable but i agree it's unlikely.
_insane_cobra  +   3078d ago
So Killzone is going after Shadowrun, not after Halo 3? Very well, seems like a fairer fight anyway. ;)
Violater  +   3078d ago
Pick your battles ehh.
I think its a typo should read July 2008
bootsielon  +   3077d ago
Since shadowrun, and original shooter, will probably be better than Halo 3, your typical shooter.
ben hates you  +   3078d ago
who cares wanna talk about halo being overated, bam Killzone
vidoardes  +   3078d ago
Even if they were to release the game as a surprise, keeping almost everythign a secret, then they would be careful enough not to let the date slip to an online retailer... come on, think about it
techie  +   3078d ago
Heavenly sword is also listed as 30th July...I wouldn't doubt that all the games are...

ps...the UK Official playstation website has been overhauled...there are only three games that aren't out that are listed.

Heavenly sword, Lair and singstar. They each have release dates. The first two say May 2007 and the third June 2007...

Type in killzone on google images and the news image is the first one to come up...its a promo for killzone 1
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Killer Cop  +   3078d ago
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm...
Killer Cop  +   3078d ago
Sounds interesting, but I think it something to promote their sales or something.

Hey GaMR, where did you get the Killzone picture from? The one you attached with the news article??!
OldSchoolGamer  +   3078d ago
Which critic has acclaimed this game? What have they acclaimed it? When? Did it go on sale and I missed it? Is it written somewhere in the article critically acclaimed?

Just curious cause you were the guy who jumped up and down when I copy something exactly from the article, lol as was deepbrown (your defender).
techie  +   3078d ago
Oh don't be lame. Stop picking fights.

Basically it's too late for him to change it now. If people have a problem with it, it's in the place for reports before the article is posted. There's no need to grill someone afterwards.
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GaMr-  +   3078d ago

What are you talking about. I have no beef with you. But you gotta admit. I didnt choose outrageous words. I know how to do a write up. Let me guess thats grounds for crucifiction. Come on dude give it a fuccin rest. I dont always submit stories that tickle everyone's fancy. But there are facts such as My stories are




I dont misquote.... I just got fucced over by business weekly because they posted an article saying Gears was the Best selling Game of all time. I brought it here I go check and Bam... they changed it to "significant title". I can prove that earlier today when I saw it It said "BEST SELLIG GAME OF ALL TIME". Im not the only person who saw it. A few of my buddies on NEOGAF and Gameswank saw it too. So please if you dont have cold hard evidence on me. Lay the fucc off. Especially you oldschool. You one of the more level headed people here. I dont expect this petity article nit picking shyt from you. And to dis me is to dis the mods Because even though you guys think your give the final approval. The mods look at the story one last time before it gets posted and if the editing isnt on point it gets fixed or it fails. And I get a fucced up letter in my inbox. Sooo please. Just cause the shyt I say is not in your favor doesnt make it wrong. I got a little bit for everyone.
Just wait your turn.

(BELOW) Killer Cop... I'll send you a link hold on. Im sorry I have alot going on sometimes. lol

EDIT: KILLERCOP... here you go http://psp.advancedmn.com/i...
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trane07  +   3078d ago
GaMr don't even bother wasting your time.
Just let those fools believe what they want to and you just keep doing what you do with the news, If they don't like you report, F*** them. At least you don't spin articles regardless of what the subject of the matter is into something negative which is what a LOT of these xfools do lately.
OldSchoolGamer  +   3078d ago
Lol Im making a point
If you post the article as is guess what no flame wars, as for Deep lol the defender jumps in making my point. I yes I approve many of your stories, and am pretty level headed I am tired of the crap on here, too many flame wars and adding contraversial stuff to titles and write ups don't help, as for the Mods they have to look at what a couple hundred posts a day yes I'm sure they read every word. In particular I didn't have a beef with you till your comment to me in another story. You want to knit pick my stories and post that crap well the fair is fair. Hold others to the standard you would hold yourself to. I have some pending you want to check em out feel free they are word for word, the only time you need to change a title is if it was off topic from the story.
r1000  +   3078d ago
I don't know about July...

I don't know about you people but I have a life that doesn't revolve around gaming... July means summer months here in NJ... when the weather is nice I am NOT playing games inside... I rather go Mountain biking, hiking, fishing, etc... I barely turn any console on during the summer

To release that game in July would kind of slip through the cracks.. when they can get more exposure say thanksgiving, xmas time frame...
Tut  +   3078d ago
Kids are on summer break though, so it is probabaly an equally opportune time. Some kids are crazy and use their summers to do nothing but gaming, which could be easily exploited. If the game proves itself as a AAA title then it might boost sales for the coming holiday season. "Mommy, daddy! I want a PS3 with Killzone 2!!!"

As long as it gets released as a finished quality product I don't care about the date. =)
Ps3007  +   3078d ago
Not going to release in July - E3 Info; mabe demo
But doubtful it will be released. With as many people working on it as there are should be an incredible game...
Killer Cop  +   3078d ago
Well, I don't think this is the release date, but could be.. Just as long it's FINISHED, I'm happy.
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Raist  +   3078d ago
awww c'mon, you disappointed me there GamR. You usually come with nice infos, but this one was really lame. Retailers release dates suck in 90% cases.
This is a so obvious "hey guys ! when know when it's out, preorder from us !" selling trick.

I'd vote lame for this one :P
GaMr-  +   3078d ago
I know...hell I voted it lame too. lol
JIN KAZAMA  +   3078d ago
You're the man. Keep commin up with these news articles man. You are runnin this site. by the way, that pic is TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
DJ  +   3078d ago
It's not coming out until Fall at the earliest. I'd rather that devs take their time anyway.
Kastrol  +   3078d ago
dont Believe amazon
take zeld twilight princess on gamecube for example

it was listed on amazon release as jan 2005 then sep 2005 then jan 2006 then all the way up to its release if you shop at amazon like me dont take amazon listings offical

wait till devs conferm it i.e rockstar and GTA IV
DC RID3R  +   3078d ago
hey guys.....................
the HD trailer of GTA 4 is now up.

FirstknighT  +   3078d ago
"Amazon.com has PS3's upcoming critically acclaimed..."

You have to admit it made you laugh! :)
SnakeDiesinMGS4  +   3078d ago
The Killzone franchise is a joke. The only reason it has any hype is cuz the E3 demo.
Contra26  +   3078d ago
even ps fans know the first killzone was uterly crap.

why they hype the second installment??

because they need a reason that they bought a ps3.

No one is gonna pay attention to this game except for the people who know deep down inside. 'I gotta make use of the $600 dollars i wasted, so i'll buy a game that is hyped up'
Lex Luthor  +   3078d ago
To 24
I'm afraid i have to agree with you there, KZ1 was absolutely nothing to write home about at all. Sony shows some CGI and then all of a sudden KZ2 is a AAA game. What nonsense and you guys talk about Halo being overated.

#25 (Edited 3078d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Robert22388  +   3077d ago
Neither was the orginal Halo. Then when Halo2 came out it was this big craze.

I still don't understand how the Halo franchise is alway proclaimed as super successful. Only 24 million Xbox's were ever even sold. Thats almost 1/5 of how many PS2's were sold.

If that doesn't say its overrated, I don't know what does.
#25.1 (Edited 3077d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bootsielon  +   3077d ago
Hey lex, guess what...
Halo 2 is overrated.

Get over it.
Sevir04  +   3078d ago
this game will not be out till fall.
I honestly think that this game will release this year. we'll definately hear more about this later this year along with other big titles ... E3 is just 4 months away. and we can expect things like MGS4 making a playable debut at E3 or TGS, FFXIII being playable at E3 or TGS07 and then a demo this fall. but most importantly is the KZ2 Sony's big first party title will see a release... jack trentton said that KZ is a latter half of 2007 game along with heavenly sword... and Phil said that a massive presence of KZ is and should be expected at E3 in july, and may be a demo will come shortly after or during the time of E3, kind of like thhe approach MS did with xbox live for 360 during 2006 when they game all 360 users access to all the trailers and demos of what happened during there E3 blow out. so you can bet that among the heavy hitters for 2007. heavenly sword, R&CF:tod, MGS4, Uncharted:DF, KZ2+home will be Sony's biggest push the system.

I even bet that they will probably position all these games according to MS's release time frame. from may to december the heavy hitters will roll in and some pretty big titles from midway/epic, panademic, koonami ,capcom, Rockstar, sony. it all coming. the Games are coming...
Robert22388  +   3077d ago
They will
probably release it right before Halo, after all if any game could give Halo3 a run for its money its this.

I predict that a release, as well as a major ad campaign right around the time Halo3 is released.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   3076d ago
Guys, can I just say now that Halo 3 will suck? The first two were bad versions of TRIBES!!! <Yeah, COMPLETE COPY! The xbox introduced popular deuschebags to gaming...and now you have Halo as "popular". Does that explain it for you..."ya big mouthed moron"? <you have to know what that's from.

Yeah, KZ2 will be good. I'm saying this now so as to lose that last bubble. I hate you all...

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