"Cooking Mama franchise cooks for 4 million"

From Gaming Target "The thing about cooking in large quantities is that the food often turns out to be bland and inedible. That's not so in the case of Cooking Mama, which Majesco announced has surpassed four million copies sold based on the gaming recipe of developer Cooking Mama Limited. "

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Josh3603503d ago

This must be one of the best franchise of this generation ^^

be_wrong3503d ago

lol.....its just as big as Halo and MGS!

The_Kills3503d ago

I can't understand how this shovelware sells..

Sonyslave33503d ago

Cooking Mama is actually fun i don't even know why yall hatting on this game.Nice sales the game deserve it.

Sitdown3503d ago

especially when you have competitive family members.

SpoonyRedMage3503d ago

Well it seems to get good reviews. I've never played it, might be good.