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MisterNiwa  +   2119d ago
But well, next time we see Japanese Sale Charts we see the PS3 high up.

Otaku Force... lol
TheAntiFanboy  +   2119d ago
She bought a 360 at one point. It was posted to N4G, linked to Kotaku. Article was reported several times, then failed approval.

Thus, reported. If that ain't news, then neither is this.
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uxo22  +   2119d ago
some dude name fred somewhere also bought a PS3, should we post his story too? Pathetic excuse for news.
iamtehpwn  +   2119d ago
I have advent children complete + FFXIII demo
And I must say she tastes good.

-- I mean has good taste.
Christopher  +   2119d ago
Just when you thought they couldn't reach a new low on considering something newsworthy...
hay  +   2119d ago
"In the next episode of... Pointless News! hay preorders Infamous."
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Silly gameAr  +   2119d ago
Glad there are no cats in that photo
expect her in that outfit. She is sooo damn hot. I like seeing her face without a cat in front of it.
Sony Rep  +   2119d ago
SmittyJ31  +   2119d ago
peeps  +   2119d ago
I can't say i did much research lol but from a past article about her, i gathered that she smells cats arses and the japenese love that sorta thing?? lol
Bazookajoe_83  +   2119d ago
Apperantly someone important in the gaming industry
TheAntiFanboy  +   2119d ago
She's a ridiculously famous Japanese singer and voice actor who's well-known for being a total nerd.
Flipfito  +   2119d ago
her b-day is right after mine
dogmeat eater  +   2119d ago
who ever she is
She made a good decision.
Kurylo3d  +   2119d ago
what decision... she decided not to buy the ps3 lol... according to the article someone else bought it for her and she said too expensive.

She had bought a 360 lol... so if thats what u mean by good decision i totally agree
chidori666  +   2119d ago
i love this girl.
Counter_ACT  +   2119d ago
Who the hell cares?
LuvBurger  +   2119d ago
Is this the same girl who "tosses Kitty salads" ??
robotnik  +   2119d ago
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2119d ago
And this is important why?
ViceKingz  +   2119d ago
Does anybody here actually give two sh*ts or a rat's ass?
mbanatech25  +   2119d ago
she has gone broke now she reliazd dat a ps3 is an investment.
peeps  +   2119d ago
wow great...

I'm actually kinda worried that when they say 'very important update' they are being serious :/
spandexxking  +   2119d ago
Reibooi  +   2119d ago
The whole point is that Shoko-tan is a goddess among otaku in Japan and when she does something it often influences what a very large number of people do as well. So the fact that it's common knowledge now that she owns a PS3 we very well may see a surge in sales as her fans rush out to buy one.
Christopher  +   2119d ago
Problem being? She didn't purchase it, it was a gift from two of her Otaku friends. So... will this really change anything since she still may not buy any games for it?

Son of a b!tch. Why the heck am I debating this stupid topic?

*hangs self*
Reibooi  +   2119d ago
I'm sure she will be buying plenty of games for it. She was considering getting one herself not to long ago because of a certain game which i forget off the top of my head. White Knight Chronicles maybe? Either way not the point.

She is a otaku as well so there is no way she is going to let a PS3 sit there and not play it. I'm sure it will get plenty of use.
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The_Devil_Hunter  +   2119d ago
Thats right I just bought her one.
KilZoneGeneralStrife  +   2119d ago
Who the fck cares?
N4G news getting lower by the day. Atleast shes hot
TheBand1t  +   2119d ago
Slow news day, eh?
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2119d ago
Never heard of Her???, but...
...WELL DONE!!! ;) Welcome to the FUTURE!!! ;-P
Dawn_Of_Ashes  +   2119d ago
this is relevant to my interest
Sonyslave3  +   2119d ago
She got rape by aliens i got it on tape.
Gun_Senshi  +   2119d ago
She's the girl that eats cats
Sonyslave3  +   2119d ago
LOL ps3fanboys yall do know got a xbo 360 lol last year.
redsquad  +   2119d ago
Someone gave her one, alright!, a PS3 I mean!
Rhezin  +   2119d ago
yeah If I knew what you said, slave, it might be half funny.
no I change my mind. Seriously, are all the lame ass people on here with Nelson as an avatar that retarded? Nelson M has already proved himself, now you have just proved yourself...retarded-worthy. STOP ruining an awesome character from The Simpson's. You want an avatar that best fits you people? Get one of Carlos Mencia, because you probably get your jokes from him. FAIL!
Etseix  +   2118d ago
er..... dont take this as a wrong comment but... i need to know that, if she buys a ps3 a legion of her fans will BUY a ps3 too really? ... if not..... well... why there is an article about this??... i mean she has money obviusly.. its not like a miracle buying a ps3 .. lol, o well welcome to the future ;D

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