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Microsoft Set To Mistwalk All Over Sony In 2009?

Master Samo writes: "Mistwalker will always be remembered for what they have done so far for Microsoft. However, in 2009, make no mistake, they will be cemented on the pages of history, forever, for what they are about to do next." (Blue Dragon, Blue Dragon 2, Cry On, Industry, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean IV, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Xbox 360)

Lou-Cipher  +   2305d ago
Sony set to (God of Walk III) all over Microsoft in 2009?

Sony is going to (Heavy Rain) all over Microsoft's E3 parade?

Microsoft is (Infamous) for failing hardware , and a lack of exclusives in 2009?

(Fat Princess) AKA the man formally known as Aaron Greenburg?

(The Agency) looking into Microsoft's failure rate concludes that it is far higher than 33%?

The 360 has changed its motto from Jump In to (Among Thieves)

Sony has said they expect the 360 to have a fatal (Wipeout HD) in 2009 due to a lack of 1st and 2nd party support.

Maybe I can get a job at hiphopgamershow as an official story title namer?

Are you hiring hip hop? I know I'm older than 15,and I know I don't fit the profile of an uneducated moron, but if you give me a chance I might be able to pretend to be as idiotic as your other staff members.
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I did not murder him  +   2305d ago
Sony's system error infested console is going to be put in its place just like every year. Hell you can't even get online with it, its so riddled with errors sometimes and thats just the server issues not the other system software errors that pop up too offten.

I'm afraid Sony has nothing just like always. PS3 titles will be pushed back and the 360 will dance on PS3 starting in 3 weeks.
ssipmraw  +   2305d ago

its a shame that internet errors are not as serious as hardware errors.

oh and having fun playing nothing?
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callahan09  +   2305d ago
"Sony's system error infested console is going to be put in its place just like every year. Hell you can't even get online with it, its so riddled with errors sometimes and thats just the server issues not the other system software errors that pop up too offten."

What the mother loving hell are you talking about? Have you ever even used a PS3 before? I don't have any of these system errors, troubles getting online, server issues, or whatever you're talking about.

Also, Sony has nothing? And all of the titles will be pushed back? Yeah, right. Because that list of upcoming exclusives they've got is "nothing." I hope to see you admit you're wrong when Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted 2 come out in 2009.
Raoh  +   2305d ago
I would love another mistwalker game..

but as far as this article goes.. well.. just check the pic

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DavidMacDougall  +   2305d ago
Another question?

I wish N4G had some real news nowadays
Kushan  +   2305d ago
If we removed HHG, about 40% of the useless crap on this site would stop. And nothing of value would be lost.
KKanjiAnkh  +   2305d ago
I wanna see if Sakaguchi, has a gem instore, for E3, he's the godfather of Final Fantasy, for crying out loud.
KionicWarlord222  +   2305d ago
well ./

I know alot of games could be coming out from.

Blue dragon2 maybe?
Sony Rep  +   2305d ago
wtf? this some type of bad comedy?
Denges  +   2305d ago
"Sony's system error infested console" , then what is a 360?


pog = why dis = i did not murder

well of to play with my "error infested console" hahaha
Lucreto  +   2305d ago
It would be entertaining if he announced his next game was multiplatform. He might have gotten over his hissy fit with Ken and decided he wants to make some money. Living on an MS subsidy should be against anybodys nature unless they are lazy and like free money.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2305d ago
Well I think he's happy with MS and MS helped him set up and get his games made, and gave him the freedom to release on whatever he wants so he could "betray" them(because that's what it would be by many's standards) but I doubt it.

I also think Sakaguchi got a tidy profit from LO and BD as they sold moderately well.
cmrbe  +   2305d ago
MS is wasting thier
time with JRPG's on the x360 for Japan.
II Necroplasm II  +   2305d ago
Sure that's why the 360 has sold over a million over there in japan. Without those JRPG's, how many 360's you really think would have been sold in the rising sun
by now?

Any Xbox 360 support in japan helps.
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7ero H3LL  +   2305d ago
SONY is wasting thier
time with FPS's on the ps3 for US.
shazui123  +   2305d ago
@ I did not murder him -
Why on earth do you think the ps3 is error ridden?
I'm sorry but if you mean online servers having some down time then youre an idiot. Also a blatant hipocrit if youre gonna promote gears of war all the time as being amazing and having "amazing graphics" (killzone 2, uncharted ;) ) as it has these online issues more than any other game ive ever played. 360 is doomed this year, mistwalker wont change that. Also check the number of QUALITY exclusives microsoft has this year....now compare it to the (prediction) blatantly best FPS game of the year (KZ2, no compatition really), best RPG game of the year(WKC), best sandbox game of the year (infamous) e.t.c.... you thinking about buying a ps3 yet?
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GUNS N SWORDS  +   2305d ago
you know i saw "SONY to set LV5 All Over Microsoft In 2008-09" type articles being approved here at n4g, i didn't mind reading or viewing them.

there's to many people getting overly defensive and offended about this.
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commodore64  +   2305d ago

If this gets approved, you can bet there will be 200+ comments, of which 75% will be SDF in 'Ueber-damage-control-mode'.

Let's wait and see if i am right.
Lou-Cipher  +   2305d ago
Its not the article that was ridiculous, it was the title of the article. The article was very full of great stuff (maybe too much)

If HHG would make sure that the quality of the title matches the quality of the articles, then he might not get so much $hit from people.

This is your business, don't let a bunch of kids from your neighborhood ruin your website based on a console grudge they seem to have. In the end, it is you HHG who is responsible for the content that is released on your site, not the people who write the articles.

He (HHG) always complains about how silly fanboism is, but then he approves these childish fanboy titles, and then complains when a source filter gets put on his websites articles.

BTW, if you guys have the time to read through this article, then do so, but fair warning, it is long as he11.
Master Samo  +   2305d ago
Thank You
To all the readers, I thank you in advance for reading this article. I would like to present to you all the Bits Of Information (BOI) that I was not able to include in this article. They are as follow:

BOI 1 ) Blue Dragon: According to Sakaguchi, the game required compression technology to fit onto the three discs. In uncompressed form, the game’s data takes up over 30 Gigs of space!

BOI 2 ) Cry On: was supposed to be an Action RPG. In fact, it was also supposed to be Sakaguchi’s 1st Action RPG ever!

BOI 3 ) Cry On: Sakaguchi was given a budget of one billion yen to get this project done. That fact alone would make me lean more towards a delay than a cancellation.

BOI 4 ) Cry On: takes place in a fantasy world where humanity coexists with subterranean giants freed from their rocky hibernation and used as instruments of war. Throughout the quest, the player controls a girl named Sally and her giant traveling companion, Boggle.

BOI 5 ) Cry On: Sakaguchi chose the game’s title for its dual connotations. He noted that tears come from overwhelming joy as well as profound sorrow, and he hopes to create a storyline that delivers such varied emotional experiences.

BOI 6 ) AQ Interactive: is a Japanese video game developer and publisher. AQ stands for Artistic Quality. It is the parent company of the developers Artoon, Cavia and Feelplus.

BOI 7 ) AQ Interactive: Sakaguchi is actually a major shareholder in AQ!

BOI 8 ) Artoon: is a Japanese developer that was established in 1999. When it was established, it drew personnel and talent from several of Sega’s development teams, particularly those which worked on Sonic the Hedgehog and Panzer Dragoon. It developed Blue Dragon. In addition, it developed Blinx and its sequel for the Xbox as well as Vampire Rain ( I KNOW!!) for the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

BOI 9 ) Feelplus: is a Japanese developer that was created with the help of Microsoft Game Studios specifically to aid Mistwalker in developing Lost Odyssey. It is comprised of former employees of Nautilus, which was the developer responsible for the classic RPG franchise Shadow Hearts. It developed Lost Odyssey, helped Tri-Ace in the visual production of Infinite Undiscovery, co-developed Blue Dragon Plus for the DS with Brownie Brown, and is currently working with Q Entertainment on Ninety-Nine Nights 2.

BOI 10 ) Cavia: is a Japanese developer that was founded in 2000. The company name is apparently an acronym for Computer Amusement Visualizer, although the company web site also claims it refers to caviar. It usually develops games for already existing franchises, like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece or Ghost in the Shell for various publishers. It was the developer working on Cry On before its cancellation. It also developed Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii and is currently developing Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles for it as well.

BOI 11 ) Mistwalker: is a Japanese development studio started by Hironobu Sakaguchi in 2004 with the financial backing of Microsoft. The logo and name were trademarked in 2001. Mistwalker is a co-developer that outsources development duties to other companies and focuses mainly on the story, music, and game design portions of game development, as well as overseeing the projects.

I hope everyone enjoyed the information provided.
God Bless You All

Master Samo
DJ  +   2304d ago
Well first, they need to make a good game.
Just saying...
ballsofsteel  +   2304d ago
mistwalker games are great but how the hell have they helped MS that much? the 360 did better than the original xbox in japan but thats not exactly something to gloat about. considering in recent sales in japan the 360 is still barely ahead of the PS2 is said. another Mistwalker game will not solidify MS in Japan FF13 might but that isn't going to happen
Master Samo  +   2304d ago
Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
Ballsofsteel, I understand where you are coming from, and I assure you that if you read the article, you will have a radically different opinion regarding the Microsoft issue in Japan. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
God Bless You
Master Samo
ballsofsteel  +   2304d ago
again while i do love mistwalker games and they do sell well along with sell an increased amount of 360 i fail to see how any other mistwaker game will push 360 on a consistent basis. Mistwalker games are solid high quality games but never elite great games like final fantasy. I personally think of mistwalker like insomniac. Great developers and i love their games but generally are not innovate or original and just generally are fun games but nothing you'll remember in a couple years. Look at lost odessy and blue dragon fun game, great RPG's, with good story's but again nothing is really different or unique about them especially when it comes to gameplay. both play like typical RPG's and add nothing new to the genre. I'm not one of those idiots who thinks games have to be innovative to be great but the truly amazing games that have really changed the face of the "console war" are so unique, innovative, and original. This article is claiming that the next mistwalker game or 2 can be like this i don't really see that. I'd think the same is someone told me insomniac was going to make a groundbreaking revolutionary shooter. It's just not mistwalker style or pedigree. As a fan of their games i'm looking forward to it but as far as it goes for helping MS i don't see anything radically different than what they've already done. Again i'm not saying it can't happen all this very well could happen but it just don't think its likely. I will say that this is one of HHG better articles as their is more proof than just random speculation.

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