Batman: Arkham Asylum Will Be A Hybrid Disc Featuring The Dark Knight Film (RUMOR)

Ever since Batman: Arkham Aslyum was delayed people raised their eyebrows wondering why? And according to a Best Buy Manager (Remained Nameless) the reason is because THE DARK KNIGHT will be the first hybrid blu-ray to ever hit the market for the Playstation 3.

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sonarus3361d ago

Dark Knight is best selling blu ray. I already have it so not really interested

XxSolid SnakexX3361d ago

I dont have the movie so I hope its true.

nightelfmohawk3361d ago

You posted exactly what I was thinking, but I do like this trend of packaging games with movies. Sony Pictures freaking owns MGM's library and has its own movies as well.

Imagine if Sony went beyond just packaging games with the movie they were based on and, say, including 2-3 movies that inspired a game.

For example, Kojima said he was inspired by, in part, The Deer Hunter, Escape from New York, etc. What if Metal Gear Solid 4 came with some of those movies on the BD disc?

Kushan3360d ago

It sounds good on paper, but in reality with most films related to games (And vice versa) at least one of them is rubbish. You'd get the odd little gem, like Silent Hill and that's it. Even MGS, many people that love MGS probably wouldn't like those films (Not me, I love them - Especially escape from New York), so you're left with that feeling of paying for something you didn't want just to get the game.

I don't think this rumour is true at all, it doesn't really make sense - why sell it like that when TDK is already selling so well? It doesn't NEED to be bundled with the game, it can stand on its own. And as for the game, anyone interested in it probably already owns the film (I certainly do).

Certainly it makes sense to release a "special edition" that bundles them together, but only along side a regular edition of the game itself. If that were the case, it wouldn't cause any delays with the game since nothing additional needs that long to manufacture or anything.

I think this is HHG up to his old tricks again. Either that or the "unnamed best buy manager" seen him coming.

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Cajun Chicken3361d ago

This makes sense since the recent Ghostbusters situation.

xlx-russ_923361d ago

Dark Knight Hype+ Batman game= sales.

nightelfmohawk3361d ago

You forgot hype for Mark Hamill as the voice of the Joker and the real voice of Batman from the animated show.

Kushan3360d ago

Mark Hamill was the voice of the Joker in the very same animated show. The hype isn't so much "Luke Skywalker is the joker!" as "They got the original actors to play their roles", at least from some form of Batman (Probably one of the best animated incarnations of any comic book).

ricaesarfer3360d ago

If that's so. Why they are delaing the XBOX 360 version. There's no need to wait. We can play with the game at june without waiting the end of summer.

The delay for a game are always fault of Sony as usually. XBOX owner have to wait because Sony isn't ready. Who give a s**t of Sony problem. Give us the game at june.

xlx-russ_923360d ago

dude wtf is your problem, its not Sony's decision to delay the game.

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