Gaming's 21 Greatest Old People

Crispy Gamer writes:

"Old people are hilarious and sad and wise all at the same time. Their many abilities include involuntary farting, breaking their hips, yelling at televisions, making your father drink heavily at Christmas, and gaming.

As we age, an increasing number of videogames are reflecting our impending dotage. In the past decade alone, we've seen a remarkable uptick in the number of videogame characters who aren't exactly young bucks (or does) anymore.

If you're old already, congratulations: You're old. Treat yourself to an 11 a.m. nap and some Artie Shaw records. And if you're not old yet, you will be soon. So gloat while you can, you little pecker. Without further adieu, here's CG's list of our 21 favorite gaming elderly of all time."

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