nVidia first to market with a DirectX 11 GPU?

BSN: "With the news that ATI delayed the RV870 part to 4Q'09, there are reasons why Santa Clara camp will be happy. GT300 is coming before the RV870, if TSMC does not mess up completely.

After the conference call last night, nVidia was feeling very confident that the company is on the right track... and there is a pretty good reason why. We spoke with several sources and they're quite optimistic that they will be able to release their DirectX 11 GPU ahead of ATI's RV870 chip."

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Mikerra173390d ago

I think this is kinda funny because I think they have a GPU out that cost about $3000 its a 4gb, but it still only supports direct x10. It must just be for supercomputers

Kakkoii3390d ago

Mikerra, those GPU's have special drivers that are optimized for 3D modeling programs such as Maya. It's optimized for CAD functions. But not at the loss of gaming performance. That's why they have more RAM. Because professional 3D modelers need large amounts of RAM for the huge polygon count scenes and characters they make.

But it is a ridiculous premium you have to pay for some nicer drivers and more ram.

Pandamobile3390d ago

Those aren't GPU's. Those are Teslas. They're used in super computers for ridiculous amouts of data processing.

FantasyStar3391d ago

Let's hope it's not an overpriced piece of plastic.

Nihilism3391d ago

you mean like the $600(aus) gtx 280 i bought?, or the $400 i spend on my 8800gt only 12 months before?, yeah i hope not too

Kakkoii3391d ago

There's hardly any plastic. Just the cover and fan.

FantasyStar3390d ago

Fine Fine. Piece of "Silicon". Let's hope not. I would love to score a card that can run Crysis 50FPS+ on one card that's about $200. That would be a dream.

Kakkoii3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

The ATI 4870 and the Nvidia 9800 GTX+ or GT 250 or GTX 260 can play Crysis at 1280x1024 at 60FPS on High settings. And they are under $200. Even the ATI 4770 which is $100 can play Crysis at quite good settings.

SafeRat3390d ago

Yeah, but then who really plays crysis at 1280x1024 ...

Kakkoii3390d ago

I was just saying that resolution because I know that for a sure thing. The 4870 is the best single GPU from ATI and the GTX 260 is the second best single from Nvidia. So they are quite capable of handling the higher resolutions also.

omegaortega3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

If you want to complain about prices... Then why don't you wait for releases like the GTX 275 for $249.99??? It came out just a few months after the GTX 285, and is very very close in performance but is MUCH cheaper and can run Crysis on very high just a few frames under the 285.

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steve30x3390d ago

Ill hold on to see a few review comparisons between the new ATI and Nvidia before doing a purchase. But the way things have been Nvidia is the way to go because they update their drivers more often and Nvidia have a more SLI driver.

Saying that I am gaining interest in going back to ATI (I had an ATI 4870 and didnt like it) but whats holding me back is the noise level of their cooling fan. If they change the fan for a much quieter fan , keep the price low and can hold ground with Nvidia I will buy 2 of the high end ATI DX11 gpu's for ceosfire.

Kakkoii3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Uhh.. lol.

Firstly, there's no such thing as "more sli". If you mean they can link more cards together than ATI. That is false. Ati and Nvidia can link up to 4 cards together.

On the point of fan noise. That is completely irrelevant. ATI doesn't make or choose the fans. GPU manufacturers such as XFX, Asus, Sapphire, BFG, MSI, HIS, etc.. Are the one's who choose what kind of fan is going to be on their version of the card. You have to look at reviews and see which ones have more silent of a fan. The only thing ATI and Nvidia do is create the Chipset/GPU core.

Kurylo3d3390d ago

nvidia sli is faster then ati crossfire by A LOT. Nvidia also does hardware accelerated physx. NVIDIA is best for the money, like the 260 is 154 dollars now on new egg... get 2 of those babys and they run better then 1 400 dollar ati card.

steve30x3390d ago

@Kakkoii - I meant a more mature sli driver. My laptop decided to be a pain and not work properly with that post. Also the reference cooler on ATI graphics cards are put there by ATI. The different types of cooler are added by the different card manufacturers. You will see XFX , ASUS , Saphire , Gairward etc with the reference cooler unless you are on a different planet that graphics cards dont come with a reference cooler.

@Kurylo3d - I have a GTX280. Also if I wanted to go with SLI I would need to buy a different motherboard because my motherboard only supports crossfire. The only way I could go sli with my current motherboard is buy a GPU like a GTX295.

Kakkoii3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Well of course the reference card. But what smart person would buy the reference cards lol. The various card manufacturers usually make much better cards than the reference ones. And almost always change the fan. I don't know what planet YOUR living on, but if you go to any online computer hardware store you will see all kinds of different fans on GPU's.

@Kurylo3d: While it is faster, It's not by much. But I agree that Nvidia is a nicer choice because of PhysX & CUDA. And the 260 has dropped down in enough price now to make it the best choice because of all those factors.

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M337ING3390d ago

Very interesting.

Looks like this holiday will be a three way shootout between GT300, RV870, and Larrabee.

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