High Voltage: Bigger and better things in store for The Conduit marketing campaign

In the past, High Voltage has stated that The Conduit will have a "world-class marketing campaign." It looks as though SEGA plans on heavily supporting the game.

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pixelsword3298d ago

...learn from this.


Common Sense

hatchimatchi3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

if this games sales tank there is no hope for the wii. Hopefully it sells well, cause failure spells doom for future titles like this. That being said, im looking forward to this game. Hopefully the story for the single player campaign is top notch.

ChickeyCantor3298d ago

Let me guess demo pods and such?

mastiffchild3298d ago

I ain't never seen no demo pods. Do you need to "hang onto your socks" while playing in them? I just can't imagine what he thinks we'll be that amazed by as we've all seen loads about the game already but, hey, I'm always willing to be surprised.

Just looking forward to the game now.