Bungie Weekly Update: 05/08/09

Bungie teases:

"Well whaddaya know, next time is right around the corner. Set phasers for this weekend. But we're not going to do the same old, same old. Instead of laying out the rules and guidelines right here so you can rush off and get started straight away, we're going to release the details you'll need sometime over the course of the weekend. That means you'll need to keep your eyes peeled on our frontpage, pick up the transmission when it goes live, and pay close attention to the rules and regulations.

Don't worry, it won't be hidden or cryptic. You won't need to decipher any secret codes or fish out any buried information. If you're interested in participating, you'll see a fresh news item pop into our feed with all the details you need. (That rhymed.)

In the interim hold tight, fire up some Halo 3, and get your relax on. We'll do the same. It's been real nice chattin' with you. Stay safe and stay tuned. Oh, and do something nice for your mom this weekend. It's Mother's Day this Sunday. Tell her we said wassup. We out."

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