Street Fighter IV PC Gets Control Pad Bundle - Kotaku

Street Fighter IV is coming to the PC. PCs use a mouse and keyboard. For Street Fighter IV, that's, uh, not exactly ideal. So smartly, Capcom will be releasing a control pad bundle.

- Kotaku

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Nihilism3118d ago

awesome, 1 more reason to get this game on pc...the best gaming platform

CRAIG6673118d ago

crikey,i'm sill waiting for my fightpad from amazon uk pre ordered on feb 14th,awful!

ChampIDC3117d ago

Man, I thought it was bad that I've been waiting since March 22 for mine on I guess the fact that they're making this bundle means they're going to start producing more.

ForNgoods3117d ago

Will this pad work on the 360?

Gun_Senshi3117d ago

God Bless Macros!

Nothing beats creating infinite combo with macros

Zuhk3117d ago

So since it uses Games for Windows LIVE does that mean you have to pay to play the game online? F%ck that!

Gun_Senshi3117d ago

LIVE on PC is free, I wonder why HAHAHAHA

1111113117d ago

Nice bonus really. But they should bundle it with a stick instead.
Hey c'mon thats a stick game in the first place.