Did An Activision Creative Director Leak The Title Of The Next Tony Hawk Game?

Ripten writes:

Brian Tyree, a creative director for Ayzenberg (the PR company that works with Activision), posted his resume online, with a lengthy list of games that he's worked on. The list is pretty textbook- games like Banjo & Kazooie, Pure, Singularity, and Afro Samurai made the cut, but there's also a game called Tony Hawk Ride on the list that we've never heard of.

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gynecologistcobra3384d ago

It sounds like something they didn't really think of for too long. I'd much prefer Pro Skater 5.

Twizlex3384d ago

I agree. Do you even "ride" a skateboard?

Nostradavis3384d ago

I personally like to lay belly down on my skateboard and roll down a hill face first into a concrete wall.

greeneggsnsam3384d ago

Wait, there's another way?

Polluted3384d ago

Huh. It was going to be called "Adrenaline", but maybe they've changed it.

Or maybe they're just calling the wii version with balance board support "Ride". That would sort of make sense.

Either way, I hope they seriously revamp this series. There hasn't been a fresh one since the PS1 era.

gynecologistcobra3384d ago

I really enjoyed Project 8. I mean, sure it was more of the same, but it was really fun.

Much better than American Wasteland and Proving Ground, anyway. Proving Ground was so bad.

TheIneffableBob3384d ago

It's most likely a Wii game.