G4TV: Meet The Feed: Jeffrey Kanjanapangka--Asset Wrangler

G4TV writes: "Hi! I'm Jeffrey Sanyaluck Kanjanapangka. I know it's a mouthful, so I've collected a lot of different nicknames over the years, especially since I came to work here at G4. Jkan, Kanjan, Hot Pockets...all of these have been assigned to me. Billy also likes to call me "Jerkface" but that one hasn't seemed to catch on yet with anyone but him.

Anyway, I'm an athletic dude who is the jewel of the office when it comes to a game we like to play called "Jumping and trying to touch things that are up really high." I'm a pro at that. I also really like video games, which is why I really like working here. I also like to SCUBA dive and once got bitten by a Titan , but that's a total non sequitur and doesn't belong here."

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