Why This is PS3's Year

Koku Gamer writes: "The Ps3, the Black horse of Consoles. In all my years of gaming I have never known a console so hated and disliked by the gamers of today. However Sony's goliath refused to die and in 2009 it may prove itself to be the number one console. Like a Japanese Anime character after being beaten by the bad guys the Ps3 is coming back with vengeance. Read on"

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Spike473304d ago

Try to remember that the media is making these types of claims.

It will be yet another great year, for all gamers no matter what console. Even for the wii owners, kind of...okay not at all.

Bnet3433304d ago

The media lights the torch, and the fanboys carry it out. Keep reading the comments here, you'll see what I'm talking about.

indysurfn3304d ago

Because 2006, 2007, and 2008 has already failed to be the year of PS3. That's why Kyle, that's why. Oh wait, let me see the real reason it was going to be the year of PS3 was Killzone2 was going to save the system. Oh no I know Liar is going to save the PS3! Oh wait I know Resistance is going to save the PS3! Oh wait I know Resistance 2 is going to save the PS3. Oh wait I know warhawk is going to save the ps3 Riiiiiiidge racer! I know, wait until Riiiidge racer! it will save the ps3! Wait until, resistance fall of man! wait for motor storm, wait for GTAIV scratch that it went 360 wait until liar! wait until haze! wait until assassins creed ops scratch that it went 360 wait until VF5 ops It went xbox360 wait for uncharted it will show them! wait the big one FFXIII scratch that it went multi wait for uncharted! wait for MGS4 wait until Little big planet, wait for resistance II? re they there yet? NO? Dang! What about uncharted2? No? Ahhhh I know E3 will save the PS3!!!

ehkinoh3304d ago

What are you talking about? The PS3 doesn't need saving.

Persistantthug3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )


I'm gonna level with you.

In 2 1/2 years, With 25 million PS3 units sold at $400+,
I really don't see why it even remotely needs "saving".
Would you care to explain?

FlameBaitGod3304d ago

Indisurf srry u only have the 360 bro :(, maybe one day ull get the PS3 and be complete and not look like a mentally challenged fan boy who cant even spell and not know the history sales of the consoles when u made the statement "PS3 needs saving". Ill pray 4 u 2night bro don't worry :)

Traveler3304d ago

I like both consoles, but indysurfn's comment is ignorant. The PS3 doesn't need saving. It's in third place, so what? Nintendo was in third place last generation and now look where it is at? Anything can happen. There is still time for things to change even this generation. Third place doesn't mean nearly as much as some morons make it out to be. Especially when the difference in sales between the 2nd place console and 3rd place console are so small.

The fact is the PS3 in its time on market has sold just as well (if not more) as the 360 did in the same time frame. The race as people like to imagine it is an illusion. It doesn't exist, except in the minds of fanboys. In the real world what matters to the companies are their profits and what matters to real gamers are the quality of game experiences they get. Nobody that isn't an extreme fanboy really cares which console sells 50 million first.

XxZxX3304d ago

why?? it been Wii in Japan this year. Aint that big enough for ye?

Danja3304d ago

well the article isn't bad actually...

but sometimes the media do go overboard with there hype machine and then when there words fall flat on there faces they return to whipping the PS3..

overall this year is shaping up to be the best year so far in the PS3 life cycle...

odisho683304d ago

idc who wins...E3 this year is gonna be a win for all gamers (although the PS3 does have the best confirmed lineup probably ever this year)...i'm pretty sure fans of all 3 systems are going to be pleased to see what happens at E3...I frankly can't wait for all 3 consoles to drop bombshells on the gaming community and make us all excited for the years to come...after all we are gamers and we have invested a lot into these systems and deserve to be given the best for our money...

also all 3 of the consoles have a made a splash this gen and all 3 have their pros and cons...PS3 has most features/free online but it's the most expensive and it's online experience is still not as concrete as the 360's, 360 best online experience/cheap price but you have to pay for online, and you have to shell out big bucks to expand your hard drive and it's not as reliable as the other consoles, wii has revolutionized gaming and made console gaming accessible to the casual gamer at a cheap price and motion controls just add to the experience but the lack of HD graphics, hard drive and subpar online experience really hurt its overall value...

overall all 3 systems are great and we should all be thankful that they're churning out high quality games at this rate...who cares who has the best lineup...i just wish i had enough to buy all the games I wanna buy right now, I can't even imagine how many games i'm going to have to wait to buy after this year..

It's a great year to be a gamer, but it's a bad year to be broke :/

GameGambits3304d ago

Whatever year you have a PS3 is the year for it.

For me 2008 was the year of the PS3, because I got one and finally got to play MGS4. Still waiting for a game to go past that mountain top of awesomeness, but plenty games have come close to its summit. 2008 also gave me Little Big Planet and Resistance 2, which I had a blast playing through on my PS3. I also cruised through Valkyria Chronicles for another fun ride that I could only have on my PS3.

My rides on my 360 were limited to Fable 2 and Gears 2 which both sucked so much that my list of fail for both of those games is more than the one for Superman on N64.

Whatever year you are in possession of a PS3 to play its games is the year of the PS3. Stop being poor and ignorant and get one you so called "gamers."

GameGambits3304d ago

People don't hate the PS3.

They hate they can't afford it. :)

redsquad3304d ago

Dear dear, you've had that little 'speech' ready to copy and paste for a while now haven't you?

bpac1234567893304d ago

All this talk of ps3 being crowned champion is a little to premature. Everybody keeps forgetting that microsoft is a giant and they are going to stop at nothing to make sure sony doesn't upstage them, especially at E3. They've been silent this whole time which means that they have a lot of surprises in the works. Anybody who believes that microsoft has no AAA exclusives planned for this year is delirious. I'm expecting a lot from them.

the only game system i would count out is the wii... remember wii music, the most ridiculous sh** i've ever seen. They're way to comfortable and they need to step up there game or there going to be in for a big surprise when sony and microsoft overtake them.

antt33303d ago

All last year, no matter what happened, I could count on reading articles about the PS3 dying a slow and painful death. The reason? Sales numbers being low, and a high price tag.

The media (and fanboys) beat it like a dead horse. And still do.

Now the media (and fanboys) have latched on to the next dead horse: the 360 *allegedly* not having any good games coming out.

You can expect dozens upon dozens of articles about it. Not because it's really that big a deal, and not because it's necessarily true, but because the media and fanboys need *something* to entertain themselves and get hits.

Just like they went on and on and on about the PS3 being beaten, dying, and being too high priced, they will go on and on and on about the 360 not having any games and falling behind (presumably) in sales.

Where do I stand on the matter? In front of my console enjoying the games.

rockleex3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Who will sell more this year, PS3 or 360? I sure as hell don't know.

But I know this year is the year of the PS3 for ME... just like every other year.

Anyways, if Sony does a price cut, I can pretty much guarantee PS3's will outsell 360's this year.

But that doesn't matter because either way, I'm getting a lot of games for my PS3 this year. ^_^

Arnon3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

I don't care who's year it is... I just want to play good games.

Raz3303d ago

I don't normally pay much attention to these articles, and in truth I think any year is a good year for consoles - but I was logging into Home the other night, looking at all the insanely great games coming out, downloading a few new ones from the Store, and it hit me:

The PS3 is poised for a major steamroll. That doesn't mean the competition is going to be crushed - far from it. What it does mean is that the PS3 is picking up speed and strength at an exponential rate; and that Sony's future in the market is looking very rosy indeed. Everyone had doubts when it first hit the stores, especially with such a hefty price-tag; but those doubts should now be squashed flat.

Which is good news for all of us, regardless of what you're playing on; because tougher competition means more innovation and better quality of gaming for everyone.

kparks3303d ago

I did not even read the article EVERY YEAR is the PS3 year...and at the same time EVERY YEAR is the year its going to fail WTF LOL any way its been around to long to just fail and go POOF so hopefully it is the year

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Cajun Chicken3304d ago

Naughty Dog - Highly respected developer, never let down, always excel at animation, narrative and art, very cinematic.
Insomniac - Ratchet game, modern unmatched platform game series, also respected.
Sucker Punch - High rising studio just with 4 titles previously behind them who caught up to the likes of Naughty Dog and Insomniac in a short matter of time.

The top Sony trinity all have a game this year. Like the most successful days on the PS2.

And of course Santa Monica's GoWIII.

Games and developers that you HAVE to have a PS3 to access.

OmarJA3304d ago

You know what ? i'll just wait for CaseyRyback_CPO to pawn you again. :D

I did not murder him3304d ago

Its tradition to make the claim. Hype and morale are the likely reasons. I didn't agree with it or disagree.

GiantEnemyCrab3304d ago

Why does the PS3 need a "Year of" so bad?

Why is it the only console that has to have these cheerleading articles constantly?

If you are happy and confident in your purchase then it should be the "Year of" whatever system you own.

I've had a 360 since launch and every year has been the year of the Xbox 360 in my house. Now this year will be the Year of PS3 and Xbox since I have both systems. I don't need some website to tell me that.

celldomceen13304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Crab because there are so many ps3 is dying articles. Its the ying and the yang. So many people NEED for the ps3 to fail and there are so many people on the other side of that spectrum. I really could not care less i love all three of my systems.

mynd3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

@ Cajun Chicken "Naughty Dog - Highly respected developer, never let down, always excel at animation, narrative and art, very cinematic.
Insomniac - Ratchet game, modern unmatched platform game series, also respected.
Sucker Punch - High rising studio just with 4 titles previously behind them who caught up to the likes of Naughty Dog and Insomniac in a short matter of time. "

2 of those 3 things happened before in the life of the PS3, and it didnt make it the year of the PS3 then.

Edit: A disagree? ROFL, so 2007 WAS they year of the PS3 then?

Cajun Chicken3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Yeah, but that lot certainly makes it year of PS3 for me, pretty much what I bought a PS3 for. I'm sure many PS2 exclusive buyers would feel the same. This to me, is a dream gaming year.

EDIT: Also, I'd like to point out that all gaming journalism has had nothing but praise for those devs in the past and basically finally have no reason to 'hate' the PS3, I very much doubt it if R&CF2, U2 or Infamous are duds.

mynd3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Really? I can think of a far better year for the PS3...

GT 5

I'll take 2010 as the year of the PS3, frankly.

I actually think Insominac, Naughty Dog and Heavy Rain isnt that a fantastic combo. Especially if your an RPG or car driving fan.

Good devs, butsome genuine PS2 sequals would be appreciated more I would suggest.

Kushan3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

For every "PS3 is dying" article, there's a "360 RROD epidemic" or a "Microsoft is t3h evil1!1!!" article. Don't you guys see? The media doesn't care what console is better or who "wins", they're happy to put up flaimbait articles to rile up a good ol' moan and a fight from the fans, all in the name of getting hits.
The media are a business, like any other and they make money by getting hits. They get hits by having headlines that they KNOW people are going to want to see more of. The only difference between the likes of HHG and the general media is that HHG doesn't disguise it as well as they do.
Anything that bamouths the PS3 or the 360 is great for them. They probably don't attack the Wii as much simply because most Wii owners are "casual" and don't read up on it.
But Console fanboys, they're perfect targets - passionate, yet dumb enough to not see that they're being used.
Year of the PS3? Doesn't matter, it's not going anywhere, nor is the 360. Neither console is dying, both are still going to be here a year or 2 years from now. The next 3 years could be the "year of the PS3", or none of them could be, Sony will still make a profit, as will any PS3 developer worth their salt (Exclusive or not).

Sitdown3304d ago

The reason "So many people NEED for the ps3 to fail " is because of articles like this. It's a never ending loop....where mud is slung so that people feel justified in their purchase. I have to be honest....I do not cheer against any console, but I do enjoy the occasional hiccup so that I can see the diehard fan's world turn upside down. Is just really sad that some people have such a strong allegiance to a company that is just after their money. I mean just look at the ignorance from the article

"In all my years of gaming I have never known a console so hated and disliked by the gamers of today. However Sony's goliath refused to die and in 2009 it may prove itself to be the number one console"

1.)I would argue that the hate would be at Sony, and not necessarily the ps3. 2.)How can you liken the ps3 to Goliath...Goliath died, and if Sony's system refused to die......then it can't be considered Goliath. So again, such articles like this only highlight the Don Kings of the video game world....promoting these fights, and then sitting back and collecting (numerous hits on their site).

celldomceen13304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

I agree with you sitdown at some point it needs to stop. TO be honest i think the hate for the ps3 started way in advance of the love. But i dont care about what a fanboy has to say or think about anything. And in addition to that i dont care about what these articles say either, I just like n4g is all. Just wish that there was more NEWS lol.

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OmarJA3304d ago

Because it has the best exclusives this year :
Killzone 2
Demon's Souls
Heavy Rain
Uncharted 2: Among thieves
White Knight Chronicles
God of War III
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time

I can mention another at least 10 exclusives but i think those are quite enough, not to mention that the PSN is getting better every day...

2009 will be also the year of the PS3 like 2008 was for better exclusives & quality.

Cajun Chicken3304d ago

I quite liked 2007, the tag team of Naughty Dog and Insomniac. Kick started the movement of non-stop good games into 2008 to right now.

Cajun Chicken3304d ago

I should of mentioned in the case of the PS3, wasn't much in '07 until those two on the system.

News4fanboys3304d ago

^^ uhh,a little more specific would be better.
otherwise this article is nothing but facts we (360 fans & ps3 fans... oh and wii fans) allready know. (outside that quote above).

no-spin3304d ago

Are gamers the ones writing the thousands of doom PS3 articles? or poor excuse writers that have access to the internet and a keyboard.

I have had my PS3 for about a year and the 360 for a year and a half. Both are great, in no moment did i thought the PS3 was in need of saving because I knew what the PS3 had to offer and im a 100% satisfied gamer.

2009 is just gonna deliver the goods but exponentially when compared to 2007, 2008 and that is why i see 2009 for the PS3 as the 360's 2007 (remember the year that HD gaming went mainstream).

MS may show at E3 enough to make 2009 the greatest year in gaming when you sum up the PS3 + 360 firepower.
Either way there is no doubt that the PS3 is poised to have a great year and already announcing for 2010. I like this a lot because i payed $500 for my BC PS3 and to see such a bright future is great news.

No need to bash one console over the other because as a gamer i want both consoles to be great and keep delivering the AAA games like the ones that are already making it worth to buy either console.

Traveler3304d ago

Great comment, no-spin. I feel exactly the same way.

I have had a 360 since launch and a PS3 a little while after it launched and I like them both. I think this year is looking fantastic for the PS3, but I haven't written off the 360 because there are some great games coming (like Mass Effect 2) and because I know MS still has the chance to announce some great games at E3.

So far I personally would give the year to the PS3, but the 360 could very well have a great year as well. We'll see.

deshon093304d ago

goku vs frieza

we all know who won

ps921173304d ago

Hmmmm, no, not really, who won?

BTW some of us are a bit old for DBZ lol.

Ziriux3304d ago

As always DBZ is no good.

ps921173304d ago

Now Now, I didn't say that, I just said that it's being long since I saw it. Use to be a big fan, but that was like 6 years ago.