Halo Wars Creators Working On iPhone Game: World War Robot

AppGamer write... "NewToy are kind of an unsung hero, you may not have heard of them but you've definately heard of their games. These guys brought you the entire Age Of Empires series alongside the recent smash hit Halo Wars for the Xbox 360. It probably interests you to know that they are now turning their attention to the iPhone. Their first project is a collaboration with artist and writer Ashley Wood, the guy who created the worlds first digital graphic novel for the PSP cunningly titled "Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel".

Wow, so thats quite some pedigree these guys have. Here's what NewToy have to say about the project..."

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CitricP3391d ago

If this turns out to be a turn based strategy game like Advance Wars I will be overjoyed.

dubbalubagis3391d ago

Newtoy has already made an iPhone game, so this isn't their first project for the iPhone as the article states. They have already created a free chess game called "Chess with Friends."

Not only that, but this was already posted on N4G, just without Halo Wars in the title:

Not trying to nitpick, just pointing out the obvious.