3D Realms says goodbye, thanks fans for support

In the wake of the news that Duke Nukem developer 3D Realms has been shut down, community manager Joe Siegler has issued a short goodbye message to all who have followed the developer.

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gambare3389d ago

DN is an IP, you'll never know if some other company (EA, etc.) will grab the IP and release DN sometime in the future

evrfighter3389d ago

It was too late this gen to release DNF.

DNF would have maximum impact as a launch title of the next-gen

And no I don't mean ps3.

maxbyte3389d ago

I have been reading N4G for years but never registered. I did so now just to say:

3D Realms were headed by guys who realized how to pull the biggest con job in gaming industry. Milking the money for vapor ware has never been executed with such success.

I started playing Duke while he did not know of 3rd dimension and played Duke Nukem 3d until I literally fainted (back in the day - I am too old to care to remember).

3D Realms - R.I.P (and someone quickly get a wooden stick and hammer it to the 3D Realms' heart while someone else shoots it with silver bullets. Die. And stay dead.)

LightofDarkness3388d ago

Way to not know what you're talking about there, bud. 3D Realms were a self-funded firm, with Take-Two only signed on to publish the game. That was the problem with DNF: with no publisher money, there was no pressure for them to pass clearly defined milestones in a timely manner to secure more funds, it's difficult to know just how much money is flying out the window.

killax35633388d ago

Agree 100%.

I wonder how many 10's of millions of dollars this company wasted (and pocketed for themselves)?

No sadness here, good riddance.

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mirroredderorrim3389d ago

F**king lame...

Will I never get to hail the king in HD???


Someone needs to leak their code so we can at least see what they made. Betting on duke is like betting on Christ. You always hear about how much they've done, but we've never actually seen what they've done. Except people flaming in their names.

Timesplitter143389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Good night, 3D Realms. See you on the other side.

deshon093389d ago

is said to hear let hope they all find new places to show there talent soon

Timesplitter143389d ago

And let's hope ID Software makes DNF

Polluted3389d ago

That would be cool, but iD wouldn't make the game with competing tech and since it's (supposedly) like 90% complete on the Unreal Engine, we'd end up waiting even longer, like another year or two, if iD picked it up.

It would be better if someone with an existing UE3 license picked it up. Of course that's assuming whoever buys the ip also gets rights to last build of the game 3DRealms made before going under. Otherwise I guess it wouldn't matter.

pixelsword3388d ago

it was called 3D Realms.

And they had 10 years to do it.

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The story is too old to be commented.