Ding dong: Class is in session

Gamer Limit writes: "As I've previously mentioned, Atlus is pouring out interesting portable releases this year like nobody's business. Their latest title for the PSP, named Class of Heroes, is a 1st person dungeon crawler that boasts deep character progression and customization.

Class of Heroes seems to be an Anime-styled take on dungeon crawling, which I find completely refreshing."

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SkankinGarbage3388d ago

Sounds okay, I guess. If/When Atlus announces Growlanser on PSP...that'll be something worth REALLY getting excited about.

Fullish3388d ago

My god they are really find obscure titles now

chrisjc3388d ago

Haha a JRPG 1st person dungeon crawler, I love it! Western and Eastern markets will be indistinguishable soon enough.

DangerCurtis3388d ago

Interesting theme for a game. Score one more for Atlus

Homicide3388d ago

I'm kinda glad this got delayed. I now have a chance to play this.

Dimly3388d ago

Wow, chalk up another original concept up to Atlus.

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