Kotaku Fallout 3 Broken Steel Review: An Epic Postscript

Broken Steel is the last of three announced Xbox 360 and PC-exclusive expansions to Fallout 3, and the one that was most clearly built to be a crowd-pleaser.

Broken Steel adds about five hours of new quests to what used to be the end of Fallout 3. It raises Fallout 3's level cap from 20 to 30, introduces some new weapons, perks and enemies. The expansion is set two weeks after the base game and spans the full game map plus new regions. Broken Steel puts the player in the service of the heroic, armored Brotherhood of Steel on a series of group and solo missions to defeat the enemy Enclave's most powerful weapon of war.

The question for most DLC expansions is whether they are worth the price. But, for this one, the other question is how a player will feel about DLC that undoes the ending of a game they may have already completed.

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Timesplitter143361d ago

This looks interresting, but there's no real need for expansions on PC with all the great mods we have

Halo3 MLG Pro3361d ago

I prefer the official expansion than a silly mod. Very rare that a mod is actually as good as the real thing. It usually is crap.

3sq3361d ago

okay, why da hell do they review DLC? Same goes for GTA DLC and the other DLC. Next, I'm pretty sure they'll start reviewing add-on costume and character contents.

Tomdc3361d ago

because people wanna know whether its worth thier time... course its important!