Steam offers Stalin vs Martians discount early

Steam has launched the Russian Victory Day discount for Stalin vs. Martians slightly earlier than originally announced.

Though the sale was planned to kick off at midnight tonight on all major digital distribution platforms, Steam has the game priced at $7.99--60% off the regular cost--right now.

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Awookie3176d ago

Sorry i wouldn't put my comp through the torture of downloading this abomination.

G4drake3176d ago

GOD, why they did this.

peeps3176d ago

i keep saying this lol but as much as i know this game is a bit of fun etc etc, who would buy it?? no wonder they are having to discount so early.

hay3176d ago

Actually it's quite funny arcade style RTS.

thomo18883175d ago

Gamestop it a 1.5 if I remember LOL!