IGN: Red Dead Redemption: A Man and His Horse

IGN writes: "Rockstar has built plenty of open worlds in the past, from the expansive, breathtaking cityscapes of its Grand Theft Auto series to the modest but charming schoolyards of Bully, but never has it attempted anything quite like Red Dead Redemption. There aren't any city streets crammed with cars or impenetrable clusters of urban sprawl in this game. Instead, you'll be facing the enormity of the American and Mexican wild near the beginning of the 20th Century, and Rockstar's got some interesting ideas about how to fill that virtual space to make it as engaging and entertaining as possible".

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El_Colombiano3303d ago

I saw "A man and his horse" and went straight to boot up Shadow of The Colossus.

lh_swe3302d ago

It looks as if it's going to hold up to GTA and BULLY in terms of quality.


Can't wait for the next interview , can't wait for this damn game ! I was wondering how they would fill the wildness of the frontier with things to do. That is something I feel GUN kind of struggled with. Some sections had you riding your horse as fast as you can just to search for something to do.

should be very good. to say the least