New This is Vegas Info "Coming Really Soon"

That Gaming Site writes: "Not much is known about Midway's upcoming open world title "This is Vegas"; this may change shortly however according to Midway's community manager."

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krazy14kraz3237d ago

Bring on the wet t-shirts competitions!!!!!!

Elven63237d ago

Hellz yea!

I'm excited for This is Vegas, so far it's looking really good and could find a niche of its own assuming it's advertised well enough.

qface643237d ago

im not holding my breath for this game because it has the midway logo that alone is reason enough for me to be cautious
gotta wait and see some footage first

anyways how are they still making this game i thought midway went under or has that not happened yet?
im guessing they are still alive just in big trouble right?

Elven63237d ago

Midway is still around, just in Chapter 11 bankrupcty,

Midway has made some really kick ass games in the past, off the top of my head in the past few years,

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
The Suffering and The Suffering 2 (whose developers are making TIV)

Cajun Chicken3237d ago

This game is a little vague in details, but I'm all up for another snazzy open world game. Sort of helps with the fact in DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball I just ended up messing about on the casino for hours because it was so much fun.

Elven63236d ago

If you don't care don't bother posting, not sure how much simpler it can get..

MK_Red3237d ago

Why doesn't Midway just die? They ruled in the days of arcade with classics like MK2-3, Blitz and NBA Jam but now they are deader than zombie form of Liu Kang from MK Deception.

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