PS3: Top 5 Most Wanted

VFLHP counts down the top 5 most wanted PS3 games as of 8/5/2009.

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voice_of_ reason3273d ago

"The biggest online game hosts 16 players. To make the leap from 16 to 256 players is very risky, but this game is set to be the most impressive online game yet. Period."

Lol I guess he's never played... well, just about any online shooter in the last few years. Where did he get 16 players as being the "biggest online game" from? Poor guy has been living in the dark ages.

Anyway, not a bad list... I'd replace Fifa 10 with whatever Team ICO makes or Madden 2013 (maybe it will be good by then lol).

madmonkey03273d ago

Agree, good list overall, but i wouldnt have fifa at number 5, probably have infamous, or white knight chronicles.( don think thats out in english yet is it?)

PirateThom3273d ago

16 isn't even the biggest console game. Even if we just take PS3 games, Resistance 2 has 60. Killzone 2, which was previously a PS3 most wanted, has 32...

Where is he getting 16 from?

vflhp3273d ago

I wrote the above, article, and agree with the people above.
I made a mistake in my whole "check-to-see-the-game-wi th-the-largest-online-game-mode ".

Again, my apologize, and I don't know how I forgot about Killzone 2. Thats a shocker, I was playing Killzone online yesterday!

Mindboggle3273d ago

Great list however I dont know why you stuck fifa 10 on there lol

chidori6663273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

This game promises a lot....
most expected game for me.

vflhp3272d ago

As I said previously, I don't know where 16 came from.
I changed it to 60, to keep all you fantastic gamers happy!