Gaming's oldest preorder may go unfulfilled

Will this gamer ever be collecting the pre-order he placed in 2001?

Answer: probably not. His $10 deposit was placed on Duke Nukem Forever, a first-person shooter that, after being in continuous development for an unprecedented 12 years, was suddenly canceled yesterday.

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Neo6043389d ago

I thought Too Human have that record.

jav09183388d ago

the devs for too human said that was a lie and heres this

straight from BBC news

Development of the Duke Nukem Trilogy is continuing as planned and further announcements about upcoming games will be made in the near future," the statement added.

Cheeseknight283388d ago

DNF =/= Duke Nukem Trilogy. Duke Nukem Trilogy is a DS/PSP game.

deshon093389d ago

that sucks it look like it could be good

Staircase3388d ago

Could net him some good cash.

Cajun Chicken3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Last few points confuse me. So who owns the rights for Duke outright now?

M337ING3388d ago

2k owns the rights to the game Forever.

Cajun Chicken3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

What about Duke Nukem? The reason I ask is that all the games after Duke 3D, 3D Realms just passed the rights around and got the occasional good game like Manhattan Project, Apogee must obviously have a stake, I'm just wondering, if 3D Realms did/do own Duke Nukem, could the last game in the Duke Nukem Trilogy be the last ever Duke due to licensing issues? Unless a different game with the name 'Duke Nukem Forever' is made?
Just wondering where the copyright and licensing issues lie.

rmatott3388d ago

7 years worth of intrest on that 10 bucks...hmm wonder how much that would have made this poor sap

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