OXM Preview: Lost Planet 2

OXM: "First things first. I kneel alongside something called a "data post" and start spamming the B button to activate it. Back in 2007, when Capcom's Lost Planet dashed onto the 360, data posts seemed to be all the in-game rage - not only did they boost your all-important (and constantly depleting) thermal energy (T-ENG) in single-player, but they also worked like territory grabs in a multiplayer mode rather unfortunately named, uh, Post Grab. Whatever the reason, you were forced to frantically pound the B button until the post was fully activated."

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GameGambits3330d ago

Great preview and I'm even more excited about Lost Planet 2 then I was before.

Slap a 2009 release date on this and I'll be even more happy. 2009 might be the first year ever I'll have to juggle between many multiplayer games that are all fun to play. MAG, Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Bioshock 2, and Lost Planet 2. Crazy year for gaming, but then again aren't they all? :)