Madden 10's PRO-TAK: What Madden 09 Didn't Have

UGO writes: "Is all this talk of a new PRO-TAK system just throwing voices or can we as Madden fans really be excited about an innovation that will change the venerable franchise for us? If you asked me this question after seeing a demo of the game in NYC a week or two back, my answer would have been skeptical at best. However, after reading the recent Madden 10 dev blog and thinking it over, I found myself filled with a strange feeling. Was it hope? Was it anticipation? How do I know what love is? I want you show me, Madden devs, and I think you may have. Let's dive in to their talk of procedural animation and the new PRO-TAK system and see if I can't conjure the same feelings in you, dear reader."

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