The Big Games of E3 '09 (Announced, of course)

SCRAWL: "E3 is still on the way with less than a month to go and we couldn't be any more excited than we are know (that is unless Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts 3). As every year goes, the biggest in the gaming industry will be attending the event as exhibitors, bringing along all of their upcoming games."

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Raoh3354d ago

kung fu hustle????????? whats that? based on the movie? or are they announcing the blu ray of the movie?

DelbertGrady3354d ago

These lists are getting boring.

No Way3354d ago

That would be awesome! Haha. Oh yea, I'd buy it, most def.
And, I bet people would buy it more than KZ2 and MGS4, together.

I can make jokes, too. :)

kaveti66163354d ago

The game was released towards the end of march and now it's May 7. So my guess is that by E3 maybe the GG team has gotten back together and maybe thought over some ideas for the next iteration. I think that would blow anything MS can pull out of the water. Reason? Because when the first target render trailer showed in 05, that thing caused a big stir. And 4 years later we were pleasantly surprised with how awesome it looks. So if they show another target render with what they could do next, I think we will all have some very high hopes about what to expect from the PS3 a few years from now. It's so exciting to be alive now.