New Characters In Western Dissidia, Amongst Other Additions

In Part Three of Final Fantasy Union's Dissidia Interview series, Dissidia: Final Fantasy Director Takeshi Arakawa and Producer Yoshinori Kitase talk about what the differences between the Western and Japanese versions will be.

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ShawnCollier3301d ago

Nice, very nice. I was wondering what the delay was for.

40cal3301d ago

I cant wait to get my hands on Sephiroth and destroy the rest of the Final Fantasy universe.

ExcelKnight3301d ago

As long as Cecil can still quickchange easily, I'm fine with this.

Can't wait.

iamtehpwn3301d ago

I will upgrading to a North American Dissidia when it comes out.

As for updated characters....Who?

phahaha. How about X-2 Yuna against Shuyin?

Although Shuyin was a total bad ass, why isn't he an alternate costume for Tidus!?

mephman3301d ago

Yea, I was quite surprised that they're actually adding new stuff into the game.

Selyah3301d ago

Thats pretty neat the fact they are actually putting more into the game, makes the wait seem more worthwhile.

theusedfake3301d ago

very cool, just makes me want the game that much more.

i hope they zack, genesis, or locke.

Homicide3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I hope Zack makes it and Tifa and Balthier.

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